Create Stunning Home Décor: 3 Foolproof Designer Secrets

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Do you crave home décor that is as stunning as it is comfortable and functional?

stunning home decor

A professional interior designer can take any room and transform it to achieve your goals while matching your personal sense of style. For the average homeowner, however, the talent for decorating well may not come naturally.

If you want your home to have that “wow factor,” try these three foolproof interior designer secrets for giving any room a stylish makeover.

Transform Your Home Décor with This Simple Color Rule

When it comes to the walls in your home, a neutral color scheme can be calming. It also provides an ideal backdrop for bold decorative accessories.

Interior designers don’t simply choose an endless span of beige or white throughout a room, however, as this can make the space feel cold, sterile and bland. The secret is to stick with two main colors – neutral tones are fine – and add one accent color to energize the space.

But, with a rainbow of interesting color options to choose from, how can you determine what will work for your space? Here’s the foolproof color formula designers use.

First, ensure that the two main colors are similar in tone; think yellow with orange or purple with blue, for example. The accent color can — and usually should – be a dramatic departure from the base tones. So, for a purple and gray room, for instance, the accent could be a bright marigold color.

With this simple color rule, you can easily create harmonious home décor that looks like a professional interior designer put it all together.

Use Textures and Prints to Add Interest to Your Home Décor

Interior designers know that mixing and matching textures or prints is the secret to adding depth and dimension to a room. When all the furnishings and accessories are solid in color or similar in texture, the space will lack a professional designer feel.

Selecting different fabrics for the furniture and textiles (pillows, window coverings, rugs) adds interest and creates a more cohesive atmosphere. Fluffy throw pillows or a plush Flokati rug pair well with a leather sectional sofa and a sleek coffee table, for example. Silky textured window coverings complement a nubby, woven upholstery couch.

Choose patterns that use the main and accent color tones of your space. The secret to making this tip work is making sure the patterns don’t overwhelm the space. Aim for using patterns in a little less than half of the room’s furnishings and accessories.

Bring Home Décor to Life with a Touch of Mother Nature

Plants and flowers can transform any interior space. Don’t worry, though, if you don’t have a green thumb. If you prefer live plants, visit your local garden center and ask for recommendations. A surprising variety of indoor plants can thrive with very little care.

Or, consider using silk plants, an interior designer trade secret for no-hassle home decor. Today, you will find countless options for artificial plants, foliage and flowers that look incredibly real. With silk plants, even the busiest among us can decorate with beautiful, natural-looking greenery.

You don’t have to limit your natural touches to plants, however. Choose accessories made from natural wood, or select fabrics with floral or leaf patterns.

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