Three Reasons to Consider Custom Furniture for Your Home

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Do you believe that custom furniture is out of reach, or that your style choices would be too limited? That may have been the case years ago but, today, a wealth of options are available to fit every budget and design preference.


Customized furniture offers a variety benefits over commercial, mass-produced pieces. And, when you select made-to-order furnishings for your home or office, you have the assurance of exceptional quality, style and durability.

Custom Furniture Is an Affordable Investment

Choosing a “big box” retail outlet to shop for home furnishings may seem like the most cost-effective option. While that may make sense based on the discount price tags you see there, any perception of value soon disappears once you get the furniture home.

Discount furnishings quickly develop problems. Loosening joints, cracks in the frame and worn or ripped upholstery often occur within the first few months of use. In no time, you’ll notice the pieces become tired and worn-looking, saggy and dull.

Custom-crafted pieces, on the other hand, will last for generations. Buying custom furniture ensures that you won’t have to worry about it breaking, wearing out or requiring replacement, potentially for decades.

In the short term, made-to-order furnishings may have a slightly higher price point than the discount, mass-produced pieces. But many customers find that purchasing one or two custom pieces at a time makes for an affordable investment.

With custom furnishings, you can select from a variety of manufacturers and materials as well, which gives you even greater pricing flexibility.

Custom Furniture Reflects Your Personal Style

Even the largest furniture stores can only offer so many different items for sale. As a result, most customers end up compromising on some aspect of their selection. And, of course, you’ll be buying your furniture from the same inventory as your neighbors.

If you want your home décor to reflect your unique personal style, custom furnishings are the perfect solution. You have full autonomy to design pieces that are tailored to your style and that fit your interior design vision.

You could spend days scouring local and online furniture stores, hunting for pieces that will give you the right home décor look – you hope. Or, you could simply order custom furniture and have exactly what you want.

Custom Furniture Works within Your Available Space

Does your home have a wide open floor plan with a great deal of space? Or are you living in a more traditional home with smaller, dedicated rooms? Either way, customized furniture is built to fit and function perfectly within whatever space you have available.

Scale and proportion are crucial when selecting home furnishings, and choosing custom pieces ensures that everything is in balance. If you appreciate value, style and durability in interior design, then it’s time to consider made-to-order home furnishings.

The professional interior design staff at Guild Hall Fine Furnishings has the expertise to assist you in the design and ordering of your bespoke furnishings. Visit our showroom in Salt Lake City, Utah, today, or give us a call to learn more about the many benefits of custom furniture for your home or business.