Interior Designer Tips for Teen Bedroom Furnishings

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Choosing the right teen bedroom furnishings can be a little tricky.

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Once your kids hit their teenage years, they want their rooms to look more mature and sophisticated. That means the furniture and themed decorative accessories from their preteen years have to go.

But, on the flip side, teens don’t want bedroom décor that’s too stuffy or that looks like it better suits their parents.

So, how do you redecorate when your teen is ready for a more mature interior design style? Our design staff has put together some professional tips to help make the process a little less challenging for you.

Start with High-Quality Teen Bedroom Furnishings

Designers strongly recommend selecting high-quality furniture for your teen’s bedroom. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with its rapid disintegration.

Teenagers aren’t as hard on their furniture as young children but investing in pieces that can withstand rough treatment is a wise choice. When you purchase home furnishings that are built to last, they can follow your teen into young adulthood and beyond. In fact, if you choose an enduring style, your kids can use their teen bedroom furniture in their college dorm room or first apartment.

When purchasing new furniture for your teen’s bedroom, stick to classic styles. Trends come and go but classic, high-quality bedroom furniture stands the test of time. It will provide a neutral backdrop that endures through all of your teenager’s changing phases and interior design tastes.

Add Trendy Teen Décor and Accessories to Customize the Look

Teenagers naturally want to showcase their personal sense of style in their rooms. So, when it comes time to redecorate, work with your teen to select accessories and décor items to accent their furniture.

Flip through interior design magazines or browse home décor websites together to pinpoint the styles you both find appealing. Then, visit your favorite furniture store to choose artwork, lighting, floor and window coverings and other decorative accessories that fit your child’s personality.

For these pieces, your teenager can select a trendier look, one that expresses their individuality. Fun decorative accessories like fuzzy lamps, boldly colored graphic pillows and quirky wall art may not be what you would choose, but they will help your teen make the space their own.

And, when it’s time for a room reboot, you need only choose new accessories to update the look and feel of the space.

Choose Teen Bedroom Furniture that Fits Their Lifestyle

As you are out shopping for your teen’s bedroom furniture and home décor, consider how your child uses his or her room. Aside from sleeping, your teen may use the space for studying, socializing, gaming or relaxing – or all of the above.

If so, the home furnishings you select must meet all of these needs.

A desk, chair and task lighting are essential, as your teen needs a quiet, comfortable place to study and do homework. Additional seating or a collection of large floor pillows will allow your teen to play video games, watch movies and entertain friends.

Teenagers’ bedrooms also need to be comfortable, since that’s where they spend the bulk of their time. Select cozy bedding and pillows, and make sure to add plenty of storage so the room doesn’t feel cluttered.

Finally, don’t forget to incorporate all your teen’s tech. Your teenager won’t enjoy the room if their electronic gadgets and devices aren’t an integral part of the interior design scheme.

For more advice on interior design and redecorating for your home or office, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our professional design staff can assist you in selecting the right pieces for all your spaces, including your teen’s bedroom furnishings.