Interior Design Tips for an Elegant Thanksgiving Look

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Interior design is so important in our lives that it can even make your holiday celebrations more enjoyable for you and your guests.

interior design thanksgiving

Do your plans include hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving? An elegant, holiday-inspired interior design will set a warm and inviting mood for your celebration and make all of your guests feel welcome.

Gorgeous Ways to Use Pumpkins and Gourds in Your Interior Design

Pumpkins and gourds are traditional choices for Thanksgiving decorating. Using them in unique and unconventional ways can add a touch of elegance to your holiday interior design themes.

Tiny gourds can be stacked in tall vases or piled in wide bowls or baskets. Choose a variety of colors, shapes and textures for an engaging display. Or arrange a row of exotic-looking gourds across a richly hued table runner. Add bouquets of bright mums for a captivating Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Pumpkins and gourds can also double as vases for fall flowers or as candle holders. Simply slice of their stems and hollow them out, then use them throughout your home.

For a hand-crafted touch, you can paint small gourds or pumpkins and stack them on a cake plate. Gold or silver can make a bold design statement, or choose white for a charming vintage Thanksgiving look.

Stylish Candle Displays for Your Thanksgiving Interior Design

Artful candle displays light up your home décor, providing both warmth and elegance. Try nestling votive candles in shallow earthenware bowls filled with a colorful mixture of dried beans and lentils. You can also use unpopped popcorn, dried corn kernels, acorns or mixed nuts to support pillar candles in tall, clear glass vases.

Decorated candles and holders can also create a natural Thanksgiving-inspired design theme. Wrap small glass votive holders with brilliant red or orange leaves and secure them in place with twine or raffia. When you light the candles, you’ll see a gorgeous glow through the leaves. Or, glue Indian corn ears around tall pillar candles and add a gold or raffia ribbon.

Use Fall Colors Throughout Your Interior Design

Incorporating the colors of fall throughout your home will lend the space a more appealing and cohesive Thanksgiving look. Making a few simple swaps with your standard decorative accents can give you a seasonally stylish home without the dreaded kitsch factor.

Trading out your regular throw pillows and blankets for richly-colored red, orange, yellow and brown cushions can create a lovely visual impact. You can also add fall-colored area rugs and soft knitted lap throws.

Swap silk flower arrangements rich with autumn’s colors for your everyday foyer table centerpiece. In the powder room, add seasonally colored hand towels and strew a few fall-colored silk oak or maple leaves around the vanity.

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