The Allure of Home Furnishings with Scandinavian Design

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scandinavian living roomSome home furnishings and décor styles come and go like the seasons, while others endure for decades or even centuries.

Scandinavian design is one of the most enduring interior styles the world has ever known. In fact, although it’s never really lost is popularity, this design style is enjoying an even larger surge in popularity today.

Let’s explore how you might incorporate some Scandinavian style home furnishings and accessories into your home or office décor.

The Essential Essence of Scandinavian Design

Although this design style really surged in the 1950s in the United States, Scandinavian design got its start in the early part of the 20th century.

Designers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and – most notably – Denmark began to imagine home furnishings and accessories that were simple, functional and minimalistic. The materials used by these designers primarily included natural wood (especially teak), although glass, metal and leather were commonly featured as accents.

The original intent of this movement was that everyone should have access to beautiful design, previously only available to the wealthier members of society. Ironically, authentic Scandinavian furniture has become primarily a high-end commodity today.

But, as these timeless pieces will last – and look spectacular — for generations to come, they represent an exceptional investment.

The Enduring Popularity of Scandinavian and Mid-Century Design

If you pay much attention to television commercials, you may have noticed that set designers are obsessed with home furnishing from this period.

Products from coffee creamer to diet programs use classic pieces or reproductions of modern furniture designs. In fact, you have probably seen this couple utterly destroy a lovely Scandinavian dinette set in a dance routine gone wrong.

The TV set people understand that the clean, simple and elegant lines of Scandinavian home furnishings are as understated as they are beautiful. They make for an elegant backdrop for almost any subject matter.

And they can be just as elegant when added to your interior décor.

Adopting Scandinavian Fine Furnishings In Your Décor

The beauty of modern design in the Scandinavian style is that it works well with almost any interior design theme. If you would like to add some of this elegant design at your home or office, you can always start small.

Start by adding copper accents into your décor. Copper lighting, for example, brings a warmth and elegance that improves any room. Next, try adding some blue accents to your design. A plush turquoise rug, for example, looks amazing against warm wood flooring. Hairpin legs for coffee or occasional tables, consoles or credenzas are another way to bring a subtle Scandinavian accent to your space without a full redesign.

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