Decorative Accessories Trends Now: Cork, Rattan & Raffia

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Rattan Interior Design

We love decorative accessories here at Guild Hall Home Furnishings.

What’s not to love? You can give any room in your home or office a quick and cost-effective update by simply switching out your decorative accessories. And, unlike fine furnishings, accessories don’t require a long-term commitment.

In fact, you can love them and leave them after a single season, and no one will think a thing about it.

Natural Materials Make Decorative Accessories Fresh

For the last several years, the interior design trend toward natural materials and colors has continued to grow. This trend has permeated paint colors, linens and interior fabrics, lighting, home furnishings and accessories.

Interior design trends often follow larger societal shifts, and this one is no exception.

As we seek out more organic foods and scale back lifestyle excess to better enjoy time with friends and family, natural materials are the logical extension for home decorating.

For decorative accessories, this has created a fresh and modern alternative to the heavy woods and metal materials that were popular over the past decade.

The Return to Rattan Meets the Breezy Feel of Raffia

Rattan, a material sometimes called wicker, is a hardy vine-type plant that is closely related to the palm tree. Its stems are woven together and steamed to create shapes. Rattan features a durable central core that makes it strong and long-lasting.

In designer accessories, you can choose from hand-crafted rattan baskets, room dividers, picture frames and lamp shades. A basket of brightly colored rattan balls makes for a fresh twist on a table centerpiece.

Raffia is a type of palm tree that grows leaves up to 60 feet long. Fibers from these leaves are dyed and woven into delicate tapestries and rugs, or used in natural fabrics. Look for decorative accessories that feature naturally dyed raffia fibers to add a natural, laid-back touch to any space.

Cork Is the New Fabric of Your Life

The design world has fallen in love with cork, for very good reason.

This natural, sustainable material has been adopted for everything from insulation to musical instruments. For interior design, cork is as beautiful as it is durable. As wine producers have abandoned cork en masse in favor of screw-tops and synthetic cork, the interior design industry has picked up the slack.

Cork literally grows on trees. However, it requires no water, no fertilizer, no pruning and no pesticides. It first gained popularity as a flooring product. Today, this material has become a popular option for decorative accessories as well as home furnishings.

Look for cork to make a splash in the fine furnishings world too. It is especially beautiful when combined with other natural materials like marble, metals and hardwood.

In Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Home Furnishings features a beautiful showroom full of the most delightful and engaging furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories. Our professional design staff would be delighted to assist you with all of your home and business decorating needs. Stop by and see us, and explore the latest in decorative accessories and furnishings.