Fine Furnishings Increase the Usability of Your Guest House

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Guest House Fine Furnishings

Fine furnishings can solve a variety of interior design challenges for your home as well as your business.

Several of our clients have expressed their guest house-related frustrations. They want to maintain a comfortable space for visitors to stay. However, if guests only visit a few times each year, that space essentially goes to waste the rest of the time.

By leveraging the flexibility of high-quality fine furnishings, you can create a guest space that welcomes overnight visitors but also solves some of your family’s needs as well.

Create a Multi-Functional Space with Fine Furnishings

Your family will derive the greatest benefit from your guest house if you create a space that serves a number of purposes.

Select a high-quality convertible sofa that provides equally comfortable sitting and sleeping space. Include a credenza that can double as a desk, and set up connections that will facilitate a laptop and wireless internet. Don’t forget the bookcase and a place to store basic office supplies.

This will provide an escape for you to do craft projects, organize your photos and catch up on email, while also providing a spot for the kids to study in a quiet setting.

If you want to provide older kids with a place to hang out with their friends when the space isn’t otherwise occupied, invest in a few beanbags that can be tucked away in the closet when not in use. Stock the kitchen with popcorn and healthy snacks. Choose a multi-function entertainment center from your favorite fine furnishings line, to hold a flat-screen TV, sound system and game console.

Turn Your Guest House into a Home Spa Retreat

Why leave home to visit the spa, when you can create one in your own guest house?

Create a space where you can do yoga or meditate. Include plenty of candles, soft lighting and appropriate music. Stock the kitchen area with your favorite tea, and add a small fountain to mask outside noise.

In the bathroom, add a basket with your favorite bath products, a waterproof neck pillow and an herbal eye mask. Don’t forget the luxurious towels.

Finally, look to fine furnishings for a chaise or another type of comfortable seating. Relax after your yoga session and relaxing bath with a great book or your favorite music.

Flexible Furniture Converts Your Guest House to a Home Office

If you or another member of your family regularly works from home, set up your guest house as an office that easily converts to a comfortable sleeping spot when visitors arrive.

Select fine furnishings that will serve as a desk or work table as well as a dining space when guests are visiting. Or consider a self-contained armoire desk. A substantial solid wood design will look beautiful in the space whether it is open or closed. This will allow you to keep your desk set up even when you have visitors. Shutting the doors makes even the most cluttered desk disappear.

In Salt Lake City, look to Guild Hall Home Furnishings for the highest quality furniture, accessories, lighting and custom window coverings. We represent the most in-demand manufacturers and product lines. Our professional interior design staff is always available to assist you in selecting the perfect pieces to put your wasted guest house to use.

Stop by our beautiful showroom and let us show you the perfect choices in fine furnishings.