Use Custom Furniture to Solve Your Hardest Design Challenges

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Custom Furniture

Custom furniture can make the most of a cramped corner, bring order to a cluttered entertainment center or help you set off your stunning flea-market-find dining table. Furnishings that are made to solve your specific design challenge provide any space with value and style. You have the option of seeking out an artisan furniture maker for a unique and artistic piece, or you can take advantage of the custom ordering options offered by many fine production furniture makers. Not only will your custom pieces be unique to you, they will bring added value and style to your home or office.

Who Makes Custom Furniture?

Many craft designers set up a one-person shop, gradually adding help as they need it. Most furniture design and construction is learned on the job, though many artisans have art school credentials. Furniture makers consider themselves problem solvers. They relish the chance to work one-on-one with homeowners, whatever the challenge. The downside to using an artisan is that most of them produce items that match their own style. Fortunately, a number of mainstream furniture designers also offer custom work. In that case, you can select from their existing lines and make changes to your own specifications.

Potential Applications for Custom Furniture

What kinds of projects do custom furniture makers take on? Just about anything you can imagine. If you need a table or chair to match a piece of furniture that’s been in your family for generations, stools that are higher or lower than normal to fit your needs or even a one-of-a-kind headboard for your bedroom, custom may be the route to go. Whatever your needs, you can find a custom furniture manufacturer to solve your design challenges.

The Value of Custom Furniture

The biggest advantage of getting a piece of furniture custom made is that it precisely fits your needs. You don’t have to make do with material or finish that really isn’t what you want. You get the size you need to fit the space you have. But there’s more. You can get creative because the piece isn’t built yet. You have control over the final design, including size, wood type and finish, upholstery fabric, details and hardware. Custom pieces also have greater long-term value than the production versions. First, these pieces have family memories that give them worth. But they also have fine details and expert craftsmanship that give them greater market value.

Selecting and Ordering Custom Furniture

Utah’s Guild Hall is proud to offer a number of custom options to their customers. If the perfect piece to meet your needs isn’t available in their showroom, their experienced design consultants can handle all the details of your custom order. Visit their Salt Lake City showroom to learn more about available custom furniture options.