Interior Designer Tips for a Restful Bedroom

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Restful Bedroom

The tips below from a prominent Utah interior designer can help you convert the room where your bed happens to be into a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Why do so many bedrooms end up as the catchall room, a place to store clutter, pile old books and set up your exercise equipment? It’s counterproductive and bad for your health. Following are some designer tips for reclaiming your cluttered master bedroom space and transforming it back into what it was meant to be: your private space to relax and de-stress.

Choose the Best Colors

Neutral, cool colors work well for encouraging relaxation. Warm colors have the opposite effect, and your body responds to them by raising your blood pressure, speeding up your heart rate and increasing your body temperature. Yellow and red are out, best used in the family room or kitchen. Better colors for your bedroom are gray, brown or blue. It’s fine to add accent colors that are vibrant, but keep the overall tone cool and calm.

No Carpet, Oh No!

A deep, soft rug feels comfy to the feet on a cold morning, but carpets are not recommended by sleep experts because they produce indoor pollution and emit chemicals for up to five years. Most rugs contain synthetic nylon and polyester, both made with a base of petroleum. In addition, this creates a problematic environment for those suffering from allergies and asthma because dust mites collect in the fibers of carpets. You can still use small area rugs if you buy those made of natural fibers. Wool and cotton that can be machine-washed are both good choices.

The Right Size Bed

Size matters for your body and for the feel of your room. You want a bed that is longer than the tallest person who uses it. If you are 5 feet 2 inches and your husband is 6 feet 5 inches, buy a bed long enough so his feet aren’t hanging off the edge. Also consider the dimensions of your room. Too large a bed will make the space look small and cramped. Use headboards creatively to help achieve a sense of balance. For example, hang an intricate quilt on the wall behind your bed.

The Joy of Pillows

Add pizzazz to your plain bed with piles of pillows in a mix of patterns. This is a great way to use accent colors to make your room feel fun and friendly. For breathability and good airflow, use natural cotton fiber sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers that don’t have a coating to make them anti-wrinkle. If you sweat a lot at night, these coatings might be contributing to the problem.

Never Too Much Storage

Creative storage solutions give your bedroom an uncluttered look. Different sized boxes with fabric coverings can become part of the décor. Wall brackets to hold a collection can attractively handle items that have odd shapes. Add attractive under-the-bed storage units. Make the best use of your closet by using organizing kits.

Feng Shui Rules

A number of designers recommend following the guidelines of Eastern feng shui, with a goal of making your bedroom balanced and healthy. For example, mirrors are out when you follow this method for creating a restful bedroom. Mirrors are considered activators, which allow light and activity to rule in a space that is made for relaxation and sleep. Hang a mirror on the inside of your closet door instead.

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