Modern Trends in Dining Room Furniture

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Modern Dining Room

Today’s dining room furniture trends toward the eclectic and the glamorous. These interior design styles allow you to create a fashionable dining room space that fits your lifestyle. Here is a look at how to make the most of your formal dining space using the modern rules of chic.

Mirrored Glamor

If you like drama and pizzazz, the current trend in mirrors may be for you. Mirrors are turning up in unlikely spots for a subtle touch of glam. Consider a mirror finish on your dining room table, or add an heirloom mirror to your buffet or sideboard. Professional decorators have a long-standing love affair with antiqued mirrors, which are both distinctive and practical. Their mottled finish makes it hard to distinguish between the actual finish and real signs of wear. You might choose instead to stick with a mirror on the wall, but if so, make it huge. This unexpected touch reflects more light and uses the mirror as a piece of artwork. You don’t have to hang it. Instead, simply lean it against a wall for a model home touch.

Lighting with Drama

Forget heavy chandeliers. Instead, find a one-of-kind artisan lighting fixture to hang over your dining room table. One professional design trend uses multiple fixtures over the table, allowing you to create a sculpture of sorts overhead. You might prefer to use wall sconces placed all around the room, in addition to or instead of overhead lighting. These provide an excellent source of indirect light while adding a cozy feel to your dining space.

Perfectly Unmatched

Express yourself and your unique style by using a collection of eclectic, mismatched chairs combined with a custom or fine-quality dining table. Don’t worry about matching your china cabinet or buffet. Instead, feel free to mix all types of decor into a stylish blend. The trend toward a curated furniture collection encourages you to mix different finishes, styles and fabrics for a homey, unexpected look. You can show off the pieces you love and your relaxed sense of style at the same time. Mix your grandmother’s Victorian china cabinet with an early American table and a set of parson’s chairs. Add cushions in bold, shiny fabric to create a surprising pop of color.

Bring the Outside In

When you choose to follow the eclectic trend, you have a world of furniture to choose from. Some designers love to use natural, outdoor furniture like wicker and teak. Set your chairs around a sleek, cast iron, glass-topped table to add a touch of industrial chic. This décor style offers the advantage of flexibility. You can easily transform the look of your space by switching coverings on the cushions. During the winter, use dark, rich colors like burgundy and deep blue. In the summer, consider chintz and florals.

Make it Yours

Whichever trend you choose when putting together your dining room, follow your personal taste. This is the room where you share food, good conversation and happy memories with family and friends. When it reflects your tastes, the effect is relaxed, comfortable and unique. Above all, choose pieces you love and you’ll be delighted anew each time you enter the room.

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