Designing a Home Spa Room

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Home Spa

Have you considered adding a spa room to your home? Balancing home, work and family obligations can be a challenge. You give so much to others, but where is the space set aside to nurture yourself? Why not make self-care a primary focus for 2015 by designing your own spa room? If your destination is relaxation, you’ll arrive there much sooner by creating the place for a spa experience right in your own home.

First, Immerse Yourself in Ideas

Inspiration for your home spa room is as close as the nearest massage studio. Start by putting together an idea board with color swatches, textures and fabric samples. You may already have elements on your vision board or Pinterest that reflect your desire for renewal. Consider your needs: Will you utilize the space mainly with family, or open it up to “spa parties” with friends? Can the room be a guest room by day that doubles as a Zen sanctuary when you’re ready for some serious downtime?

Discover and Expand Your Options

A home spa room can be as simple as an elegant porcelain bowl that’s perfect for pedicures or as elaborate as a full-sized sunken bathtub and redwood hot tub. Will your spa chamber be adjacent to a bedroom or master bath, or overlooking a garden? Whether you can dedicate an entire room, or designate an area that does double duty, your spa will allow you to recharge and emerge feeling renewed.

Furnishings to Set a Relaxing Tone

Step into the flow by imagining the colors of stone, sand and sea. A pair of full-sized beds can serve as the ideal place to receive a massage or facial treatment, and then convert back into a guest room as needed. Bookcases form excellent dividers to allow for privacy. You’ll have plenty of storage with open shelving to display towels, scented soaps and herbal infusions. And a chaise by day transforms into a luxurious spot for the ritual of an evening facial.

Add Finishing Touches That Reflect You

With soft lighting to saturate the room in a tranquil glow, you can further enhance the mood with beautiful mirrors and the shimmer of copper bells. Use natural textures like woven baskets or a bamboo hamper for towels. For the entryway, a classic terra cotta urn against a backdrop of sage green can be striking in its simplicity. Escape from stress by adding the healing flow of water with a tabletop fountain for hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

If a home spa room transformation is on your wish list but you’re stumped for ideas or need help, relax and let the experts assist you in making it a reality. The professional designers at Guild Hall Fine Furniture understand the value of space planning when tackling a project of this nature. Let them introduce you to the perfect furniture and accessories to create your home spa room — the ideal place to relax and re-energize.