Update Your Master Bedroom Layout and Design

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Master Bedroom Design

Your master bedroom layout is more important than you may realize. Even if you aren’t into feng shui, the right furniture, accessories and configuration can create a relaxing, revitalizing space for getting a good night’s sleep, grabbing a quick catnap or relaxing with your favorite book. Experts are adamant that a TV, exercise equipment and clutter have no place in your sanctuary. Instead, refresh your boudoir with some fun, new design trends, the right layout and seasonal accents.

Working with a Challenging Configuration

If your space is large and square, selecting a layout is relatively easy. If your room is small, irregularly shaped or if it has an abundance of windows and doors, your task becomes more challenging. Designers suggest that, instead of fighting your space, find ways to work with it. For example, if your master bedroom is long and narrow, divide it into a sleep space and a relaxing dressing area with seating and table. If you’re lucky enough to have lots of windows, arrange your bed to take advantage of the views they offer. For a truly tiny space, a little-known decorator trick is to use hard flooring (wood or tile) with no bed skirt or rug under the bed. This tricks the eye into perceiving a much larger space. No matter what size or shape your bedroom is, always start by placing the bed, then orienting other furniture around it.

The New Bedroom Furniture You Need Now

This year’s design trends focus on comfortable seating and new storage solutions. Designers are having fun with foot-of-the-bed seating options. Instead of the tried-and-true bench, try a matching pair of footed stools with an interesting texture or a trio of luxe, upholstered poufs. Or, why not channel Marlene Dietrich and add a sumptuous chaise? Even more on trend, ditch the seating altogether and add a low console table decorated with beautiful coffee table books and fresh flowers or a nubby wool lap blanket draped across one side. Replace nightstands with floating shelves, placed just below the height of your mattress. Instead of standard lamps by the bedside, choose a whimsical set of wall- or ceiling-mounted fixtures, which will accentuate the floating shelves and free up space.

Changing with the Seasons

Designers recommend refreshing your master bedroom with the changing of each season. Switch out your comforter, toss pillows and accessories with colors designed to bring the seasons indoors. Bold, saturated hues are perfect for wintertime, but spring calls for brighter tones. White accessories lend a cooling aura to summer, setting up a perfect transition to dusky fall grey and lavender. Fresh flowers are a perfect way to splurge in your relaxing retreat, but if silk better suits your lifestyle, choose arrangements that complement your seasonal décor selections.

At Guild Hall Fine Furniture, the professional design staff understands how important your master bedroom sanctuary is to your mental and physical well-being. In Salt Lake City, let Guild Hall help you shake things up with a new master bedroom layout and the fine furnishings that will make your space truly unique.