Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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Modern Living Room

Modern living room design is personalized and individualized. It can’t be pigeonholed as a specific style, like contemporary or modern or traditional. It’s as structured or as eclectic as you want it to be. Rather than focusing on specific décor themes, today’s designers create the perfect living space using the powerful influences of shape, texture and color. The purposeful selection of furniture, accessories and other décor details will create a room that fits your personality and lifestyle.

The Interaction of Shape and Color

The use of color can create a brighter, bigger and more enjoyable space, but it only works when you consider function and shape along with hue. When using color in your living room, opt for simplicity in furniture and accessories. Streamlined profiles, functional pieces and the absence of clutter make the most of color. Bold and vibrant works as well with an eclectic approach as it does with a matched furniture collection. Combine patterns, textures and solid versions of the same color to create maximum visual interest.

Curate the Perfect Furniture Collection

The formal sitting room vibe doesn’t work for today’s family. Space is at a premium for most people and having an unused room in the house is an antiquated concept. Create a living room that works as well for entertaining guests as it does for curling up with a good book. Buying a matched set of furniture doesn’t provide the same level of emotional connection that comes from individually selecting each piece yourself. If your space is small, you can accommodate more furniture and create versatility by selecting pieces that aren’t bulky or weighty.

Details Make the Difference

Lighting, accessories, pillows, rugs and art are a critical part of today’s living space. They’re what pull the room together but, even more important, they truly reflect your personal style. Popular trends involve metallic finishes and bold graphics, but don’t be afraid to buck these (or any other) trends and do what you like. Add an accessory or two every year, and cycle out those that don’t resonate with you any longer. Finally, consider a nontraditional configuration. Placing sofas back-to-back in the center of the room, for example, creates delineated zones that allow family members to pursue their own obligations and interests while spending time together.

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