Adding Color to Your Kitchen

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Colorful Kitchen

Adding color to your kitchen can be both fun and energizing. The kitchen is the heart of the home, offering a warm, comfortable place for families to spend time together. One way to add visual interest is by painting an accent wall, but there are many other ways to jazz up this area too. A wonderful source of inspiration for color trends is to visit a few of your favorite local restaurants. You’ll find loads of ideas for the color palettes that make you feel right at home. Here are some basic guidelines for bringing color into your own space.

Set the Tone with Color

The first step is to decide what impact you’d like for your kitchen. Each shade is associated with an emotional response; for example, red may represent heat and fire, blue the air and sea, yellow the sun, and green invokes trees and nature. Would you like the room to feel lively? Choose reds and yellows. If you prefer a more calming quality for the space, try blues and soothing neutrals. Remember to choose colors for your kitchen that will create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for your next culinary adventure.

Find Fabric for Inspiration

Another great trick when choosing a color scheme is to pull a palette from a favorite piece of fabric, or even a beautifully upholstered dining chair. Selecting a paint in this way ensures that it will match the established family of tones. Lighter shades of paint can also help in a small kitchen by creating the illusion of a bigger room. Follow nature’s lead by viewing the fabric swatch and choosing darker values of color for the floor, medium values for the walls and lighter values for the ceiling.

Connect the Color

Flow the palette from one area to another to give a connected feeling to the design. Tie the palette together with upholstery fabric or vibrant painted wood furniture. You can even expand the view from inside to outdoors, with deck furniture that matches the aesthetic of the kitchen. The trend for 2015 is to add an outdoor kitchen or cozy fire pit seating area. A splash of color from a vivid patio umbrella will draw the eye outward, making the space feel much more open and inviting.

In Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Fine Furniture loves to help with inspiration. As you look through the site’s photo galleries, notice the color systems that really resonate with you. Add in some unique accent lighting and accessories for that special pop of color that makes the whole kitchen sing. And if you’re still undecided about adding color to your kitchen, feel free to call one of Guild Hall’s experienced designers for a one-on-one color consultation.