Rustic Interior Design Ideas

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Warm rustic furnished living room with a fireplace

Rustic interior design has enjoyed a surprising resurgence in popularity this year as more Americans seek a cozy home environment and a simplified lifestyle. This comfortable approach to interior design lends a warm and welcoming feel to your home that is both natural and sustainable. Lest you think that rustic design resembles your crazy Uncle Al’s musty hunting cabin, complete with antlers and split logs, think again. Natural materials and clean, classic lines are the stars of today’s rustic décor.

Furniture Sets the Tone for Rustic Decor

Even the most contemporary of homes can wear the rustic style well. Rustic furniture highlights natural wood components like pine, cedar, walnut and even redwood. Some furniture designers use reclaimed wood for a dramatic and sustainable effect. Cracks, natural edges and clear stain are traditional features of rustic furniture but metal accents or stone inlays can add interest as well. Simple lines paired with substantial silhouettes give today’s rustic furniture a contemporary feel, without a hint of old Uncle Al’s taste.

Making the Transition to a Rustic Decorating Style

Start with selecting a color palette for your space. Neutral tones with accents of navy, rusty red or forest green are classic, but you can select any accent color you like. One prominent designer named Pantone’s Radiant Orchid Color of the Year and paired it with natural pine and white leather furniture. The result was stunning. The key to capturing the essence of rustic style is finding pieces and colors that feel comfortable to you and your family. There’s no wrong way to approach this design style.

Rustic-Themed Accessories for the Home

Not sure about diving head first into this type of décor? Test out this design style with a few well-chosen accessories first. Big throw pillows in faux- or natural hide, woven fabrics and baskets and metal accents help set a welcoming tone. Braided rugs, vintage or collectible metal wall hangings and wrought iron lighting accents can transform a room’s feel. Suede paint in muted, neutral tones or a large braided throw rug will add a warm, sophisticated touch to any room.

The thought of transitioning to any new design style can be daunting. If you aren’t sure where to start, visit a Guild Hall Home Furnishings for inspiration. The experienced interior designers on staff can help you identify a few key pieces to get started and help you select the perfect accessories to complement your rustic interior design at no extra cost.