Online Vision Board Apps for Home Designs

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checking for design inspirations onlineUsing a vision board app is the perfect way to collect all your home design ideas in one place. Also called mood boards, design boards or inspiration boards, online design applications are gaining popularity thanks to their accessibility and ease of use. Most are free and many offer both desktop and mobile versions so you can update your boards anywhere, anytime using your smart phone or tablet.

Choosing a Design Board App

With so many different design applications to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Most are free and easy to use so don’t be afraid to just dive in and play. Set up a test board and add some random images and text to get the feel of how it works. Test both desktop and mobile versions if on-the-go access is important to you. A key question is whether you can add your own photos to your mood board. That way, when you see a fabric, accessory or a piece that intrigues you, you can snap a photo on your phone and add it easily.

Start Designing Your Dream Space

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Professional designers suggest beginning with a theme or a single image that makes you feel the way you want your space to feel and look. The genesis of your inspiration doesn’t have to be a room or even a piece of furniture. Think about a place in nature that has the theme or colors that you want. Choose that photo as your centerpiece then start building around it. For example, if you’re going for beach cottage style in your master bedroom, try searching for a seaside image that transports you emotionally. Use that image to create your color scheme and the details will fall into place.

Translating Your Vision Board to Reality

When you’re ready to turn your vision into reality in your own home, having a design board to show your decorator or home furnishings consultant will be invaluable. Your designer will have a handy visual representation of your concepts, saving you the time and frustration of trying to describe your dream space. Take your tablet along on shopping trips and refer to it often as you consider new purchases. Using vision board app will help you feel confident in making your furniture and accessory selections, knowing that when you get home with your newfound treasures, they’ll be perfect additions to your home.