Children’s Bedroom Furniture and Accessories

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Children's Bedroom FurnitureChoosing children’s bedroom furniture can be a confusing prospect. You want it to be attractive, safe, and well built. Finding quality kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories is easy, with these simple tips and tricks.

What to Consider Before You Shop

Kids can be persistent when they get their hearts set on something. Involve them in the process if they’re old enough, but set ground rules in advance. Help them choose a theme and color palette for their new room and decide which items you want before hitting the shops. Take careful measurements to determine fit. Many manufacturers design smaller, kid-sized furniture, but your children may outgrow it quickly. A little pre-purchase planning can help you save money down the road. You can even use this process to help teach your children about budgeting and money management.

Furniture Sets versus Individual Pieces

Save money by reusing some existing pieces that you love. Refinish those pieces to match the new furniture you select, or look for new pieces that coordinate with what you plan to keep. As attractive as an entire new bedroom set can be, you may not need a full suite of furniture. Depending on the room size, a set may not fit or meet your child’s needs.

Shop Smart for Safety and Durability

Choose materials that will stand up to the wear and tear kids can inflict. Washable surfaces are crucial, even for wood finishes. Be careful to choose dressers and heavy pieces that won’t tip, or that can be anchored to the wall. If you have younger children that will use the furniture in the future, opt for a higher quality set.

Accessorizing Your Child’s Room

Your child may insist on furniture with a theme (princesses or superheroes, for example), but may quickly tire of the theme or outgrow it. Help kids express their current interests instead with accessories, themed wallpaper, murals, and fun window coverings. Accessories are budget-friendly and fun to shop for. Next year, when they’re into something new, you can easily update the room’s look.

One final word of advice: Beware of buying kid’s furniture online. Shipping costs can be expensive, items may arrive damaged, and the quality or appearance may not be what you expect. It’s always safest to go to a fine furnishing store like Guild Hall Home Furnishings to make your investment in furniture that lasts. Come see our showroom today for your home décor needs.