Working with an Interior Designer

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Our grandmother called them interior decorators, but today’s interior design professionals do so much more than select wallpaper and valances. Interior design brings an aesthetic vision to your home but in a way that meshes seamlessly with your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Once the purview of the rich and the famous, fine furniture and interior design are quickly becoming accessible to all of us.

What is Interior Design?

If you’ve ever stared at your living room and thought, “Gee, I’d really like to do somethingWorking with an interior designer different in here, but I have no idea where to start,” you have some idea of how valuable interior design services can be. Designers synthesize texture, color, light, and space to create rooms that look great, feel welcoming, and fit the client’s needs and desires. Part technical and part artistic, interior design will not only help you figure out where to start, it will get you to the perfect result.

What is an Interior Designer?

The dynamic field in interior design brings together a unique set of skills and personality traits. A designer must be both artistic and technical. At the same time, he or she must be an exceptional project manager and an even better communicator. Your designer can handle as much or as little of your design project as you like. This may include everything from planning out the space, selecting color schemes, advising furniture choices, and helping pick out the finishing touches.

Affordable Approaches to Working with an Interior Designer

Some of the top interior designers work independently, and their fees can be costly. Many other interior design professionals work at local home furnishings boutiques, and their services may be offered at a discount – or even free – when you purchase from the store. They can assist you with interior design ideas, furniture layout, and even color selection.

Before you visit with a designer, spend a little time going through interior design blogs, looking for design styles and home interior ideas that appeal to you. Print them out and make notes about what you like and dislike in each. Also identify a budgetary range for your design project, and share that with the designer early in the process. Don’t be shy about your likes and dislikes, as this will help the designer understand your personality and how you and your family will use the space. A good designer will listen closely to your interior decorating ideas, and then set about helping you make them come true.