Lighting Treatments for the Home

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Even the most perfectly decorated homes still lack a “certain something” if the lighting design does not complement the décor. Decorative home lighting has become a popular topic for magazines and interior design bloggers this year. Modern home illumination trends view lighting as a critical design component, rather than the bland, utilitarian approach of the past. Sophisticated modern technologies have made designer lighting fixtures more efficient and affordable than ever, and decorative home lighting is quickly becoming a necessity, not a luxury.

LED Bulbs and Fixtures

LED home lighting fixtures are hot hot HOT right now, for several reasons. LED light fixtures not only save significantly on energy use andDepositphotos_11164055_xs lighting costs, but are extremely versatile and attractive. Low-profile, high-style lamps and mini fixtures are now affordable and popular, thanks to LED bulbs. LED bulbs have an extremely long life, and will save you money on replacement bulbs over the years too.

Table-top and Free-standing Lamps

Last year’s popular pendent lights and ceiling lights are giving way this year to table-top or free-standing lamps. Lamps provide a more natural light and feel than overhead fixtures, and generally provide much better illumination for specific tasks. Even kitchens and dining rooms can benefit from some of these free-standing lighting options, which can soften what may be a cold or impersonal space or even highlight a painting, sculpture or piece of art.

Smart Lighting Controllers

Using just a smartphone app and a swipe of your finger, you can control your home’s lighting from anywhere in the world. You can pre-program lighting vignettes for different rooms and purposes, then switch to that lighting scheme with a single touch. Set one vignette for reading, one for watching TV, and one for family game night. Lighting can be assigned to zones, so you can easily switch from one to the next as you change rooms.

Even the Martha Stewarts among us may have trouble when it comes to lighting designs. Choosing the best decorative home lighting can be confusing. Professional lighting designers may be hard to find and their services very expensive. The good news is that custom light design services are not out of reach for most people today. Many local fine furnishings stores provide interior design consultation services, as well as offer an extensive selection of today’s hottest home lighting and accessories options. These versatile design professionals can work with you to understand your lifestyle (and style!) preferences, and suggest home lighting solutions that will complete your home’s perfect look.