International Furniture Styles

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International style furniture is one of this year’s hottest interior design trends. The versatility of global décor allows it to work almost anywhere and fit any budget. International furniture design brings sophistication to the home, but in a durable, International Designcomfortable way that enhances your family’s lifestyle. Choose one specific region, or mix and match items from around the globe to get this look.

Modern Asian Decor

Modern Asian furniture is nothing like the oriental décor of the last century. Gone is the overly ornate, heavily carved look. Today, modern Asian décor means tranquility, harmonious proportions, and muted hues that blend a variety of Asian cultures seamlessly. Elegance, simplicity, and natural materials create balance and harmony. Accent pieces that reflect the elements (fire, water, air, earth) enhance low-slung furniture with clean, simple lines and graceful curves. Scenic elements depicting landscapes and water features help bring clarity and mindfulness to the space. Asian décor meshes easily with other design styles, and allows for a high degree of creative license when designing your home.

Modern African Decor

Also known as Safari style decorating, African-influenced furniture might include anything from animal print décor to carved wood furniture accents. Kuba cloth wall hangings and ceremonial masks can bring an eclectic element to an otherwise understated space. Warm yet vibrant colors provide a welcoming backdrop for African-inspired pottery, basketry, or sculpture. Moroccan décor is a subset of African style, classic and enduring in its striking simplicity. Organic and sustainable materials are a staple of the African ethos. Woods are typically ebony, mahogany, and cedar.

Modern Pacific Decor

Many people value island style decorating for its relaxed approach and entertaining potential, but pacific style décor is so much more than tiki statues. The main objective is comfort using natural materials, thin mats or textiles, and vibrant, ocean-toned colors. Although we’ve eschewed the houseplant since the 1980s, the pacific décor style encourages the inclusion of live plants to contrast with the natural tones. As an alternative, floral fabrics can add that element of nature that underlies the pacific style.

If you can’t imagine being stuck with just one decorating style, international design may be the answer. Eclectic furniture, when chosen with care and intent, can keep your décor looking fresh and exciting year after year. When you’re ready for a change, switch out a few key accent pieces, add some pops of bold color, and voila! You’ve changed your latitude.