Creating a Master Bedroom Sanctuary with Home Decor

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Face it, most of us are busy and a bit frazzled these days and our home life provides little relief from the rat race. You can change all that however, by turning your master bedroom into a restful sanctuary that welcomes you in at the end of each day.  Creating a room that offers a place of relaxation and refuge is easier than you may think, with these simple master bedroom decorating ideas.

Despite what the Madison Avenue marketing machine might have you believe, a cozier master is more restful than a huge, open space. This is great news if your master is of smaller scale but even if you have a large room to work with, it’s easy to create that cozy feel using larger scale furnishings and breaking up the space. Lower ceilings encourage a more restful sleep, so consider adding a canopy bed or a design treatment that provides a canopy-like feel, such as a fabric draping above the bed. Choose softer, rounded furniture styles and fabric accessories. Even if your master has carpet, a deep, plush area rug will provide a more profound, restful feeling in the space.

Fabrics are an important element in your master bedroom sanctuary. Chose sheets, duvets, shams, and throw blankets that feel luxurious to you, and in which you will want to spend time. Color is critical throughout the home but especially in the master. Select colors that are less bold in hue, as these may make it hard to get to sleep or – worse – hard to awaken in the morning. As tempting as it might be to scale back the quality of your mattress and pillows, experts strongly recommend devoting as much of your budget as possible to these items, as they will truly make or break your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

One of the most important considerations in creating a master bedroom getaway is what to do with the ubiquitous stack of electronic equipment that permeates our lives today. Sleep experts suggest keeping them out of the master altogether if you can; otherwise, invest in a lovely cabinet with doors that close, and shut them away upon retiring for the night.

Likewise, keep work tools (laptops, tablets, etc), kids’ toys, and other items not conducive to a restful environment out of sight (out of mind). Dedicate a dresser, nightstand, wardrobe cabinet, or other means of storage for this purpose.

If you don’t look forward to retiring to your master bedroom each night, start now and create your own sanctuary. Visit the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom today for inspiration and talk to one of our interior decorators to help you with design ideas.