Office Design and Decor Ideas

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A great office is a haven for brainstorming, meeting with clients and bringing your passions to life. Maybe you’re transforming a spare bedroom into a custom workspace, or redesigning your business office. Either way, the interior design team at Guild Hall is here to help.


At our interior design store, we help people create offices that are both functional and attractive. Whether you’re shopping for business office furniture or choosing office-friendly decorative accessories, here are some tips to help your workspace make the leap from blah to beautiful.
office desks

Nurture creativity with inspired lighting and color. Choosing the right lighting is key to sustained productivity. You’ll want to choose a combination of task and ambient lighting to accomplish essential job functions while offering flexibility throughout the work day. Task lighting includes table and desk lamps that provide clear, direct light. The right type of ambient lighting will depend on the amount of natural light in your office. For a warm yet efficient lighting solution, skip the florescent panels and choose a stylish floor lamp instead.


Color shouldn’t just be reserved for home decor. Offices are often nondescript with “serious” neutral palettes that can be drab. Add a color boost with an accent wall or trim. Jewel tones have been linked with creativity, while deep, vibrant hues can add energy to any space. Use decorative accessories to bring sunny bursts of color to your workspace. Color will help increase productivity, put customers at ease, and help shake off the feeling that you’re stuck working indoors on a lovely day.


Use a mix of storage solutions. A well-organized workspace can keep you focused on the task at hand. Cut the clutter with a blend of storage solutions designed to address various work needs. Sometimes you’ll need easy access to files and documents. Use open storage like baskets and trays for items that you need to quickly retrieve and store. Use shelves, boxes and cabinets for important items that don’t need to be accessed frequently.
Office Furniture

Invest in quality office furniture. As tempting as it can be to buy budget-friendly items for your office, it’s well worth investing a little more for comfortable, highly functional chairs, desks and storage accessories with style. Don’t forget you only get one chance to make that critical first impression on new clients and a professional office will also help current clients feel good about choosing you to do business with. You’ll spend a lot of time in your office so choose  high quality, ergonomic pieces designed to hold up to constant use and long hours.


Striking the right balance between function and beauty in your home or business office is not always easy.


Guild Hall is your source for comfortable and stylish business office furniture, including desks, work tables, book cases and executive chairs. We are also an interior design store that can help you put together the perfect look for your home or business.