Choosing the Perfect Lighting to Enhance Your Home or Business

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Any knowledgeable interior designer or home decorator knows that lighting can radically transform the look and feel of any space. Whether subtle, modern, dramatic or glamorous, thoughtfully chosen light fixtures and accessories can create and enhance ambiance while also making a serious design statement.

At Guild Hall, our fine furnishings showroom and interior design store in Salt Lake City, is known for specializing in providing the perfect lighting fixtures and accessories to put a winning finishing touch on your home environment. Here are some tips on choosing the right illumination for your home décor or business.

Determine your lighting goals

Before shopping for lighting fixtures or accessories, take the time to consider your goals. Determine the mood you want to set for each room. Each room is different: direct or task lighting is suitable for an office or kitchen, while more indirect, ambient luminosity works best in bedrooms or living areas. You’ll need to work with already existing fixtures as well as decide where to install new ones and other lighting accessories. Working with an experienced interior designer can help you put together a design plan for adding light to meet all your goals.


Enhance formal spaces with chandeliers


Chandeliers are timeless decorative accessories that can instantly bring style to any space. From very simple varieties to ornate crystal designs, the vast selection of chandeliers means it can be tricky finding one that integrates seamlessly into your space. It can be easy, for example, to choose an overly elaborate chandelier that simply looks out of place. If you’re unsure about chandelier design and placement, consult an designer who can help you pick a chandelier that fits your space, both in terms of style and size. Measure out the space and ceiling height before you go shopping to get an idea of what size chandelier will give you enough headroom and looks best in your space.


For a modern touch, opt for recessed lighting

For a more informal look that is still versatile, recessed fixtures offer subtle and directional lighting that can even be controlled with dimmers. Recessed fixtures are a great choice if you’re working with high ceilings or want to enhance the modern look of your home or business space.


Use multiple light sources

Don’t restrict yourself to just one lighting source. Many rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living areas, work best with multiple lights that help you accomplish specific tasks and shift the room’s ambiance according to mood and time of day. For example, keep a floor lamp next to a sofa or reading chair to shed light when needed. In the kitchen, install light fixtures within easy reach in pantries and under counters to light up dark spaces.


Above all, remember that lighting fulfills both a practical and aesthetic purpose. When choosing light fixtures, treat them as special accessories that direct the eye and help set the tone of the room.