Fine Furnishings are an Investment That Stands the Test of Time

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Imagine you buy a $75 dollar chair from a big box store. If you’re lucky it will last you a couple of years before the the legs start to wobble. Maybe the fabric will start to fade, tear or become thin. When you get tired of the chair, you might be able to fetch a few bucks for it on Craigslist. Maybe.

That’s the story of most mass produced furniture today. It wasn’t built for the long haul, so it’s life span is cut to just a handful of years, if that.

Compare that to a beautifully crafted chair that you hand-picked at a fine furniture store. It will cost more than what you would pay at a box store, but if you take care of it, it will last you many years.

That’s not the only reason you should buy quality furnishings. Before you buy your next piece, here are some other things to consider:

Fabric and trim. When you invest in well-built furniture, they feature superior fabrics and trims. If you go with a custom ordered option, the ability to pick out fabric or trim means you can achieve the perfect look for any space and even mix or match your new chair or couch with other furniture. Plus, if you decide to re-decorate pr twenty years from now when you wear out the fabric, you can easily reupholster or refinish a high quality piece of furniture because the structure will hold up over time. Solid pieces, unlike lower quality furnishings, will last for generations to come with a little TLC.

Longevity. If you take care of fine furnishings, you can expect them to last many years. High quality pieces are also made with better wood, hardware and craftsmanship, so there’s less chance of them falling apart over the years. You get more solid construction overall. It’s not unusual for quality home furnishings to last many years and even become family heirloom pieces.

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Value. Well-built home furnishings offer better overall value over time, too. Let’s say you’re considering two different arm chairs. It would be a mistake to make a decision based solely on the sticker price. A high quality armchair that lasts 50 years will cost less over time than a bargain basement piece that barely lasts a few years. Also, keep in mind that high quality furnishings have better resale value.

At the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom in Salt Lake City, we specialize in furniture that is not only stunning to look at and comfortable, but also comes from the most recognized names in the industry.