Breathe New Life into Any Space with Decorative Accessories

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Want to change the personality of a room without investing in new furniture or a whole new color palette? At Guild Hall Home Furnishings in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, we are well-practiced in the art of transforming rooms with decorative accessories that work in harmony with your home furnishings or business office furniture. We offer time-proven tips for using accessories to freshen up any space.


Spruce up your space with a new rug


Think of a great rug as the foundation of a room. Rugs can be used to anchor the look, feel and composition of a room, and you can build on the look with complementary decorative accessories. A new rug also offers the perfect opportunity to break out of a long-standing decorating rut. If you’re home décor choices tend towards neutral walls and furnishings, go bold by choosing one with color or a rich pattern. The right jolt of color or eye-catching design can make a rug take center stage and become the focal point of any room. Conversely, a solid-colored rug can pull together a room decorated with ornate home furnishings or busy patterns. Just remember to pick a rug that fits your lifestyle. If you have pets or kids, wool and patterned rugs can help disguise the aftermath of spills and shedding.

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Makeover a room with new pillows


Think of pillows as the decorative building blocks of your living space. They can add an instant burst of color and texture to your home décor or business. For a clean, classic look, create a pairing of pillows that includes one solid-colored pillow paired with a patterned pillow. Place the patterned pillow in front of the solid pillow and arrange them at opposite ends of your sitting area. As decorative accessories go, pillows are one of the easiest ways to play with color. They add depth and interest to neutral surroundings—all without having to buy a single gallon of paint. Another easy way to add interest is to mix up textures and decorate with different shapes. Adding a few eye-catching round pillows can break up the monotony of square and rectangular pillows.



Mirror, mirror on the wall


Mirrors can enhance any room by adding light, depth and drama. Place a mirror in an entryway to add ambiance and light to an otherwise dim space. Make a design statement by placing a full-size mirror in a small space, which will reflect light and add dimension. Think of mirrors as decorative accessories and choose frames that complement your design style, whether vintage, Asian-inspired or modern eclectic.


Infuse your space with personal accessories


If there is one thing to remember about using accessories, it is this: edit, edit, edit.  While it may be tempting to display every family photo or souvenir trinket, a carefully curated mix of personal treasures and hand-picked objects can add unity and visual interest to your space, without looking cluttered or forced. Some accessories that you can use to pull together the perfect look include books, art, clocks, photographs, dishes, jewelry, and just about any special or meaningful object.


Need more help finding decor accessories that coordinate well with your home furnishings or business office furniture? Come in to Guild Hall furniture and interior design store so we can help you hand-pick the perfect accessories to breathe new life into your home or business decor.