Home Decor in Salt Lake City That’ll Keep Your Home Fresh

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The past few years of interior design have been all clean lines, white marble, and neutral and muted color palettes. If you’ve found the minimalism design trend difficult to achieve or maintain, you’re not alone. In the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everything we knew or interacted with took place inside our homes. That’s an entire year’s worth of books, games, home office supplies, jigsaw puzzles, sourdough starters, loungewear, and more. One year later, we have so many things. Luckily, maximialism in interior design is back, and Guild Hall Home Furnishings is where you can go for interior design help in Salt Lake City.

What is maximalism?

While minimalism in interior design has a clean and simple look, maximalism is all about using a space to its fullest potential. Visually, maximalism involves a bold and carefully curated collection of colors, prints, and design pieces. It allows you to personalize your space more than minimalism, because there is no wrong way to do maximalism. But the best part of all? It gives you an excuse to go shopping.

How to make a maximalist home

What makes a maximalist room work is some connecting through line. That can be with prints, colors, and more. If you have a bold piece at home already that you really love — like a piece of statement furniture, a work of art, or an eccentric lamp — that can be a great place to start. Think about the object’s colors, shapes, and textures. If you have a rustic wooden bookshelf that you want to use, look for other furniture of similar tones of wood to compliment it.

Alternatively, you can start with a color palette you like. Color can very easily create a visual link between different pieces so that the room is bold and eclectic without looking chaotic or messy.

Get Help With Interior Design in Salt Lake City

If this all sounds exciting but you’re still lost on where to start, Guild Hall Home Furnishings can help. This family-owned business has a huge showroom featuring furniture, decor, accessories, and so much more. Most importantly to your maximalist journey, however, is their interior design and space planning consultations. In the interior design consultation, a professional designer will sit down with you and help you figure out what you want to get out of your space. From there, they’ll help you choose furniture, decor, paint colors, and more to help you elegantly fulfill your vision for your space. Space planning consultations are similar, but are specifically meant to assist people with space constraints. A designer will help you come up with creative storage solutions and floor plans so you don’t have to compromise design for space, or vice versa.

Maximalism coming back into fashion is our excuse to try new things and step outside of our comfort zones. Bring out all those weird chachkis that you’re never sure what to do with. Fearlessly buy a quirky art piece for your wall. Display seemingly out-of-date antiques in a new way. There are so many ways to bring maximalism into your home, and at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, there are interior designers right in Salt Lake City who are ready to help you do that.