Interior Design Tips for Using Geometric Fine Furnishings

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Interior Design Tips

Interior design trends come and go, but geometric fine furnishings are an ever-popular choice. Using bold, symmetrical patterns and furniture that features shapes and forms creates a striking look and brings a sense of fun to any living space.

That said, it’s easy to go overboard with this graphic interior design style. To make sure your geometric fine furnishings don’t leave everyone dizzy, consider the following tips.

Balance Pattern with Color

Going bold with both the patterns and colors of your fine furnishings can make your living spaces look a little too psychedelic. Keep the interior design in balance by putting the focus on one or the other. So, if you plan to use eye-catching colors, choose geometric patterns that are less dramatic – or vice versa.

Mix & Match Geometric Shapes

Incorporating an array of geometric shapes into your interior design makes your fine furnishings feel more harmonious. Consider pairing a round or octagonal coffee table with seating in a straight-lined fabric, for example, or choose pillows with a bold geometric print to complement a rectangular track arm sofa or tuxedo sofa.

Add Interest with Geometric Accents

Small doses of different geometric patterns can give more character to any room. Consider shopping for accent pillows, throw blankets and decorative accessories in different designs, or choose a unique pattern for custom window coverings. But don’t get too crazy with the geometric fine furnishings – too much can look loud and garish.

Display Geometric Artwork

Another fun way to build on this interior design trend is to select geometric-inspired wall art. Paintings, woven artwork, tapestries, framed prints – geometric artwork can either act as a focal point or simply enhance the idea of filling your living spaces with shapes, forms and patterns.

Don’t Forget the Design Details

Geometric-inspired lighting options are also widely available, with lamps, chandeliers and sconces that feature different shapes. Or, you can look for geometric lampshades – a mosaic pattern, houndstooth or even simple circles can light up your home in style. Even small decorative accessories like round coasters, rectangular trays and square storage boxes can have a big impact.

Geometric fine furnishings are a perpetual favorite among homeowners, and as this interior design trend remains popular, furniture stores will continue to feature a wide range of geometric-inspired furniture and decorative accessories. If you’re ready to shop and you live in northern Utah, head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings.

Our 16,000 square foot showroom is stocked with an impressive selection of high-quality fine furnishings in an array of styles. And if you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask – we also offer custom furniture at a comparable price to ready-made-pieces.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, you can also get expert help from our professional interior design staff, either in our furniture store or at your northern Utah home. To begin your hunt for the ideal geometric fine furnishings, stop by our Salt Lake City showroom today.

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