3 Fresh Ideas for a Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

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Every boy’s bedroom a place where his imagination is free to roam.

His room serves as the backdrop for acting out scenes from his favorite bedtime stories, books and movies. Tales of Grandpa’s childhood in the mountains, chapters from Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest and the fantastic worlds of superhero movies all play out there. He will fight villains, save the world and roam with the buffalo of the old west.

All you have to do is make sure he has all the furnishings and accessories he needs for comfort, storage and play.

boy bedroom makeover

How to Choose Furniture for a Boy’s Bedroom

When choosing a boy’s bedroom furniture, picking pieces with a durable finish or coating is a must, especially if he’ll be fighting Darth Vader or slaying dragons. Choose surfaces that are durable and can keep the nicks and scratches of a medieval battle to a minimum. Washable fabrics and scrubbable paint are also critical if his bedroom ever hopes to pass the sergeant’s inspection.

Most boy’s rooms need a desk for study or computer games, a space-saving bed (or bunk beds) with built-in storage drawers will help keep the space organized and clutter-free

Look for furniture that is both fun and functional. It’s fine to choose age-appropriate themes and furniture but be sure you allow for flexibility as he grows older. Our three fresh and fun themes can all be created using decorative accessories, allowing you to switch the theme whenever you’d like, easily and affordably.

The Circus

Lions, and tigers, and clowns, oh my!

Every boy loves a circus and this theme begs for bright colors, decals, photos and lots of levels. Fashion a circus ring from bench seating with storage spaces inside. Hang a net above the bed, reminiscent of a trapeze acts’ safety net, and use it for storing his toys and juggling equipment. 

Add an ottoman with bright stripes and it can quickly become a ringmaster’s pedestal. Add some specialty lighting effects and a karaoke microphone to transform his room into a magical place.

Cartoon and Comic Book Characters

Every boy loves reading comic books and watching cartoons. Choose boys’ bedroom furniture that lends itself to the comic universe of his liking. Mod-podge or screen print the head and footboards of his bed his favorite character(s). Complete the look with printed sheets, blanket and matching pillows.

Add framed vintage comic books and drawings on the walls. Storage shelves or cubby holes will let him display his favorite action figures and hold his comic books and other collectibles.

Many a boy is destined to become a comic illustrator so, as his interest develops with time, consider adding an artists’ drawing table with cabinets and drawers for his paper and drawing supplies.

Sports-Themed Boy’s Bedroom

A time-honored favorite of many boys is the sport-themed bedroom.

Sports memorabilia can adorn the walls and bookshelves, where he can store boxes of trading cards. A large photo or wall graphic of his favorite sports hero can take center stage, lit from above with track-style lighting fixtures.

A racing car bed for the young boy can be replaced with bunk beds or a larger, adult-sized bed as he grows and his taste matures. Don’t forget to add a special table or shelf for his sports trophies. You can even add stadium seat replicas, painted with the colors and logo of his favorite team.

When you’re ready to give your young man’s room a makeover, stop by the Salt Lake City showroom of Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our professional interior design staff is here to help you find all the furniture, lighting and decorative accessories you need for a perfectly themed boy’s bedroom.