Designing a Home Entertainment Space That’s Uniquely You

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Designing a Home

Designing a Home Entertainment | If you’re ready to add a home entertainment space to your home – or to upgrade your existing media setup – take the time to design a space that suits your lifestyle and meets your needs.

Start by mapping out the space you’ll be using and determining what type of furnishings and accessories you need. If you have trouble pulling it all together, the professional interior design staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings can provide all the assistance you need.

What Does a Home Entertainment Space Need?

When you’re choosing furnishings for your home entertainment area, you must first consider how you plan to lay out the space.

How much space can you dedicate to your entertainment area? Do you have the convenience of using an entire room, or will you be dedicating part of your living room or den? Perhaps you have a finished basement or spare room in which to watch movies, play video games and relax.

Getting the home-theatre setup right is essential, as is selecting the right size entertainment center for your space. Consider also what kind of theater seating you want. Measure your space and, if you have a concept in mind, sketch out the placement of your furniture.

Choosing Home Entertainment Room Furnishings

When you’ve determined how your home entertainment space will be utilized, it’s time to decide what furnishings you want to fill the room.

If you and your guests want to belly up to the bar, but space is limited, a corner-style bar may be just the ticket. When watching a movie, would your family prefer to sprawl on a comfy, stuffed couch or do you prefer gathering around a table and chairs for pizza and wings?

Maybe you a pool table and video games in your space. Do you need a full stereo and karaoke set up? How do you plan to wire and mount your speakers? If you will be using a lot of electronics – and what entertainment or media room doesn’t? – look for an entertainment center that can hide all of your cords. You’ll also need to choose pieces that are appropriate for storing all of your video and audio media.

Ultimately, the size of your space and a little creativity will help you decide what type and size of furnishings you choose.

The Details Make a Home Entertainment Area Truly Yours

Giving your home entertainment space a personal touch – by filling it with art, movie memorabilia or framed movie posters – can add to the fun atmosphere you seek.

Throw pillows provide added comfort on the couch or lying on the floor, while also adding color and texture to your space. If you want a true movie theater atmosphere during the daytime, blackout shades will fill the bill. A coordinated area rug will help pull the space together and provide an extra layer of sound dampening.

Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design Center has a wide range of furnishings and customization options. We are northern Utah’s leading resource for residential and business office furniture as well as decorative accessories, lighting and window coverings.

Contact one of our interior design staff today for help, or drop by our Salt Lake City showroom to get started on your home entertainment space.

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