How to Style a Home Office Like a Professional Interior Designer

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How to Style a Home

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to create a stylish and streamlined home office space that encourages productivity and comfort.

Whether you work at home or simply use your office to pay the bills and track household appointments, the space needs to be functional, comfortable and inviting. If it’s lacking in one way or another, you aren’t going to enjoy spending time in the room.

If you want to transform your home office – and make it look like you hired a professional interior designer – follow these steps.

Find a Focal Piece

To start redecorating a home office, an interior designer chooses a focal piece. This may be an area rug, wall art, an accessory or even an interesting furniture item, and it forms the basis of the room redesign.

Decide on a Color Scheme

After finding the perfect focal piece, a designer looks to the item for guidance on creating a color scheme. This can involve incorporating colors found in the piece or selecting shades that coordinate well.

Choose the Office Desk and Chair

In a home office, the desk and its accompanying chair are the most important pieces of furniture. An interior designer works to find a desk and seating that fits the space well, allows for comfort and offers the desired functional features.

Incorporate Stylish Storage

No office desk ever has enough storage space. So, a professional designer looks for attractive filing cabinets, bookshelves and organizational furniture to stash away the paperwork and supplies in style.

Add Other Must-Have Office Furniture

Depending upon the type of work done within the home office, an interior designer may select other pieces to make the space more functional. Armchairs, side tables, entertainment centers and height-adjustable work surfaces are popular picks.

Utilize the Available Wall Space

The look of the walls affects the ambiance of any room. To use the wall space effectively, a professional designer may hang organizers or shelving, create a gallery wall or choose a large mirror to brighten the room.

Display Interesting Decorative Accessories

The final step a professional interior designer takes when redecorating a home office is to personalize the space. Photos, collectibles and treasured keepsakes are good choices, as are unique decorative accessories that showcase individual style.

If you’re ready to transform your home office and need interior design inspiration, head to Guild Hall Furniture Home at Millcreek. Our expansive furniture store showroom, located in northern Utah, contains a vast range of high-quality functional and decorative pieces that can give your office space a much-needed style boost.

And, if you want expert assistance, the Guild Hall professional interior designer team is at the ready with practical advice. Our team can help you choose the right office furnishings to match your personal style and meet your work needs.

To browse the Guild Hall Home Furniture & Interior Design showroom, or to speak with a professional interior designer about redecorating your home office, stop by our Salt Lake City location today.

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