Business Office Furniture: Create Zones to Boost Productivity 

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Your business office furniture choices can affect workplace productivity, for better or for worse.

Business Office Furniture: Create Zones to Boost Productivity 

Organizational research tells us that employee motivation and productivity depend largely on how your team interacts with their office surrounding. Using business office furniture to create zones can help keep everyone engaged and happy as they work, ensuring that productivity reaches its maximum potential. 

Which types of zones should you incorporate into your office design?

Collaboration Zones

Some of the best workplace ideas come from employees communicating and working in teams. To that end, designing your business office to include one or more collaboration zones can help boost productivity.

Collaboration zones are open spaces equipped with comfortable business office furniture. A conference table with plush executive seats can work well for some businesses. Or, you may want to opt for a more casual approach, creating a lounge-style space with armchairs, loveseats and mobile, height-adjustable tables. 

Quiet Zones

When employees can focus on their work without distraction, they produce better, faster results. Adding quiet zones that are designed to minimize distractions is an effective way to improve workplace productivity.

Quiet zones can be enclosed spaces with executive desks, comfortable chairs, file storage and all the other necessary office furniture for getting work done. Or you can create distraction-free areas by designating certain office spaces as no-chat, no-phone zones.     

Private Zones

Sometimes, employees need private areas to complete sensitive work. Also, many businesses routinely schedule client meetings that require confidentiality. Designing your business office to include private zones is an effective solution.

Private zones might include individual office spaces or workstations, divided by walls or screens. Soft, supportive seating is a must, and natural lighting can have a major impact on employee productivity as well as client interaction.

Fun Zones

When employees work too hard for too long, their engagement and productivity are sure to suffer. No matter how dedicated and efficient your workforce is, burnout and fatigue can destroy their momentum. As we can see in the examples of Apple, Google and other technology leaders, incorporating a fun zone into the office can help keep everyone happy and motivated to get the job done.

Fun zones can simple be breakrooms outfitted with plush, relaxing couches, loveseats and armchairs, along with comfortable dining tables. All the amenities should be close at hand, and the space should have a few fun options to help employees recharge – a pool table or ping pong table might be a good choice, or you may want to consider foosball, video games and a television or two.

Could your Utah business benefit from incorporating workplace zones? From conference tables and modular workstations to desks, comfortable seating and much more, Guild Hall Home Furnishings has all the business office furniture you need to design spaces that maximize employee productivity.

If you’d like expert help designing your office zones, our professional interior design staff is ready to offer tips, guidance and suggestions. We can provide assistance in-store as well as at your Utah business location, including space planning, custom color palettes, office furniture selection and accessory installation

To learn more about the professional interior design services at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, or to start outfitting your workplace zones with the right business office furniture, visit our Salt Lake City showroom today.

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