Interior Designer Tips for Decorating a Large Wall

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To an interior designer, decorating an expansive wall is an intriguing creative challenge. To the average homeowner, however, trying to figure out what do to with a huge blank wall can be a major design dilemma.

The opportunities for filling the space are endless, but don’t let decorating this space drive you up the wall. Here are our interior designer pro tips for dressing up a large wall space.

Hang a Single, Large Statement Piece

A large, open wall is the ideal spot to display a single, large piece of artwork, framed print, wall hanging or decorative mirror. This piece doesn’t need to fill the entire empty wall – and in fact it shouldn’t – because negative space will help highlight the display.

For this interior design strategy to work, however, this central hanging must be striking, special or something you love. 

Display Two Related Pieces

Hanging two complementary (but not necessarily matching) decorative pieces together is an effective interior designer trick to add structure and visual interest to a large wall space. Another on-trend pairing convention spreads a single painting, photograph or art print across two separate frames. 

Either way, make sure the frames match and are precisely aligned on the wall.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a popular interior design technique that works well with large spaces. Unfortunately, the thought of creating a gallery wall tends to scare most non-professional decorators – but it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Gather a handful of decorative pieces in a mixture of sizes and shapes, then arrange the group to spawn from a single wall point. If you like, you could even extend the display to reach from the floor to the ceiling. Regardless of how many pieces you hang, choose a single frame style for a sleeker, more modern look. For a more eclectic feel, mix colors, textures and frame styles.

Showcase a Collection

Do you have a prized collection of vintage vinyl records, postcards, baseball cards, sports memorabilia, retro metal signs, figurines or some other collectible? A large wall is the ideal spot to showcase your prized collection. If the pieces don’t fit naturally into frames, try the interior designer trick of using shadow boxes or narrow display shelves.

Consider a Decorative Wall Treatment

If none of these ideas feels right for your large wall space, you could consider decorating the wall itself. 

Interior designers often use some type of faux or decorative finish to add an interesting element to a home’s décor. You might also have wallpaper or wainscoting installed to add texture and volume. Or you could consider using lighting – either wall-hung or projected – to create a subtle layer of texture to the space.

Or, instead of trying to figure it out yourself, you could seek expert assistance in selecting the right artwork and decorative accessories to complement your home décor style. The professional interior designer team at Guild Hall Furniture store in Salt Lake City can work within your budget to create a look that expresses your personality.

Whether you need just a bit of inspiration or wall-to-wall design assistance, Guild Hall Home Furnishings can put you on the path to the home décor update of your dreams. To talk with one of our interior design staff members, visit our Salt Lake City showroom today.

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