Home Furnishings Stores & the Quest for a Coffee Table

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Home furnishings stores feature a bewildering array of coffee tables – and trying to find the right one for your living room can feel a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If you are in the market for a coffee table, you can wander the floor of the furniture store in confusion, or you could seek out a professional interior designer for help. To help distill your choices to a more reasonable set of options, a designer will start by asking you a few questions.

What Size Do You Need?

The size of your sofa and your living room are of key importance when choosing a coffee table. You’ll need to take some measurements before you go shopping, as the table you purchase needs to fit well within the space.

The ideal coffee table will be no more than two-thirds the length of your sofa and its top surface should sit at the same height or slightly lower than the seat cushions. For the best fit, the table will give you at least 18 inches of leg space when seated on the sofa and at least 24 inches for those walking through the room.

What Shape Do You Prefer?

For a smaller living room, a narrow oval or rectangular table may be the best choice. With larger seating configurations and expansive spaces, square or round coffee tables may create a better sense of balance. 

Ultimately, however, the decision comes down to preference. You can choose any shape you like, as long as the coffee table fits well in your living room.

What Materials Do You Like?

When you visit the home furnishings store, you’ll find coffee tables made from a range of different materials. Wood is a popular choice, but it’s certainly not your only option.

A glass or acrylic table can make a small living room look larger, while an upholstered or leather table can make the space feel warmer. Uniquely interesting metal and stone coffee tables are also available, and are ideal for creating a focal point in the room. Narrow down the materials you prefer, and making a selection will be easier.

What Is the Style of Your Home Furnishings?

Do you have a sleek, modern living room design, or does your taste run more toward a country, traditional, eclectic or industrial style?

Whatever your décor style, limit your coffee table browsing to those options that fit within those parameters. As the centerpiece of the room, you want the table to showcase your personal style. However, you can create a feeling disarray in the space if you venture too far afield from the general theme of your other pieces.

To make the process of choosing a coffee table easier, talk to the friendly and experienced interior design staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings. We’re more than happy guide you through our Northern Utah showroom, to assist you in your search for the perfect pieces. 

Guild Hall Furniture Store in Millcreek has been a Utah industry leader for over 23 years – people rely on Guild Hall Home Furnishings to make their spaces a reflection of their personal style.  Whatever you need for your home or office, you’re sure to find at our beautiful Salt Lake City home furnishings showroom. 

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