Interior Designer Tips for Choosing Dining Room Furniture

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Professional interior designers know that finding the right home furnishings can be difficult – particularly when you don’t know exactly what to look for. And, if you’re like many furniture shoppers, you really aren’t sure how to go about choosing a dining room table.

Going to the furniture store uninformed can be a recipe for disaster, as you could easily end up with a table that doesn’t fit or enhance the style of your living spaces. To make sure that doesn’t happen, our interior designers have some tips for finding the perfect dining room table.

Consider the Size of Your Dining Room

Interior design pros say you should start the selection process with furnishings size.

The size of your dining table should be scaled proportionally to the room space, leaving plenty of room to pull out the chairs and walk around. Ideally, you should be able to circulate freely through the space even if every chair is occupied.

Measure your dining room before you start shopping for a table. When considering your options, think about how each will fit in the room. You’ll need at least 36 to 48 inches of clearance around the table. As for the width, look for one that’s no more than 48 inches wide if you plan on passing food across the table.

Decide on a Dining Room Table Shape

Next, our interior designers recommend that you think about shape. 

Rectangular tables are common choices, as most dining rooms are also rectangular. Oval tables are similar and can work well in rectangular rooms, but the rounded corners mean you lose out on some of the table space.

For square rooms and those that are on the small side, a round or square dining table is usually best. If you’ll need to seat more guests at times, look for one that expands.

Think About Your Home Furnishings Style

Third, our interior designers say you should give ample thought to style before you start your dining room furniture shopping in earnest.

Whether you’re a traditionalist, a fan of minimalist interior design or an Art Deco aficionado, you’ll need to make sure the table style is a match, as it sets the tone for the entire room. 

Your dining room furniture doesn’t have to match exactly with your other furnishings but it should co-exist in harmony with the overall décor style and theme of your home.

Browsing at the Home Furnishings Store

When you’re ready to start shopping, visit a local furniture store. Buying fine furnishings online can be fraught with problems, especially for the dining room.

To make choosing the ideal dining room table easier, try it out with the chairs. The table and surrounding chairs need to be a comfortable fit. If there isn’t enough leg room, no one will want to sit down and dine.

In Northern Utah, the go-to source for fine furnishings, custom furniture and decorative accessories is Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our showroom is packed with a variety of gorgeous and uniquely interesting dining tables, so we’re confident you will find one you love. And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask one of our professional interior design staff. We can have the perfect table custom-created just for you.

The friendly and experienced staff at Guild Hall Home Furniture Store in Millcreek can also assist you in your quest to find the ideal dining room table. To get started, visit our Salt Lake City home furnishings showroom today and meet with one of our professional interior designs.

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