Business Office Furniture Delivery Preparation

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To ensure that your business office furniture delivery goes smoothly, a bit of planning goes a long way toward preventing problems.

With a professional delivery service, the experienced movers can quickly and easily bring your office furniture inside and put it in place – if the pieces fit, that is. And, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t.

Business Office Furniture Delivery Preparation

Follow our easy tips, and your business won’t run into that problem. Here’s how to make sure your furniture delivery is smooth sailing.

Consider Your Entry Options

Figure out which entrance to your business offers the best access for furniture delivery. The larger the clearance, the better. So, if your location is in a multi-level office building, you might want to see if you can get access to the service entrance.

Measure the Doorways and Hallways

When planning for delivery, you need to make sure the path you’ve chosen is big enough for the movers to maneuver the furniture into the place. Measure the height and width of every doorway and hallway, making sure to account for doors, doorknobs and handrails that can’t be removed during delivery.

Measure the Stairways 

Will the movers need to navigate your new office furniture up or down the stairs? If so, take measurements to make sure there’s enough clearance. Calculate the width of the stairway, including the handrails, and measure the height, width and depth of any landings. You’ll also need to take note of the ceiling height in three locations – from the bottom step, from the landing and from the top step.

Measure the Elevator Space

Using an elevator can make business office furniture delivery easier, but the space needs to be measured for clearance. Check the height, width and depth of the interior of the elevator as well as the height and width of the door. Make sure to figure in the handrails and lights inside, as they can’t be removed for delivery. In addition, it can be helpful to take a measurement from the bottom center of the elevator door to the ceiling at the back wall.

Make a Clear Pathway

Before your office furniture delivery day arrives, take time to clear the path your movers will follow. Remove anything that may be in the way or could cause a problem, such as area rugs, wall art and decorative accessories. If you need help removing handrails, doors, light fixtures or other furniture, try to let your movers know ahead of time.

The professional team at Guild Hall Home Furnishing Store, located in Salt Lake City, has been providing Northern Utah businesses with fine office furniture for over 23 years. For us, exceptional customer service and client satisfaction are of the greatest importance — and that shows in the quality of our furniture delivery service.

From start to finish, our experts strive to make the delivery process as easy as possible. For business office furniture delivery that goes like clockwork, contact Guild Hall Home Furniture Store & Interior Design today. 

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