5 Questions to Ask at the Furniture Store

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Sure, you could browse the furniture store and purchase your home furnishings without getting help from a salesperson. But, shopping on your own may not be the wisest approach.

Questions to Ask at the Furniture Store

When you’re in the market for new furniture or home décor, the store staff could turn out to be an incredible asset. Tapping into their knowledge makes buying the right pieces much easier. Here are five questions you should ask every time you go shopping at the furniture store.

No. 1: How Was the Furniture Made?

To ensure that you purchase high-quality home furnishings, find out how they were manufactured before you ever consider making a purchase.

For example, if you’re interested in wood furniture, ask about the construction and materials used. Hardwood from deciduous trees — such as oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry and birch – is generally the best quality. The store staff can point out the joints, corner blocks and other features of well-made wood furniture.

If you have sustainability concerns, you may also want to find out who manufactured the furniture and where it was made, as this information could affect your purchasing decisions.

No. 2: What Customization Options Are Available?

The home furnishings you see displayed throughout the furniture store showroom may not be the only options available. Many lines can be customized to perfectly meet your needs.

If you ask the salesperson, you may discover a range of fabric and filling choices for sofas, chairs and other upholstered pieces. Arm and back styles can also be customized, in many cases. For wood furniture, you may find different hardware details, finishes and special construction options. Sometimes customization can add to the price, but paying a little extra may be worth it, if you end up with exactly what you want.

No. 3: What Other Furniture Is in the Same Price Range?

Before making your final purchasing choice, it’s a good idea to take a look at other home furnishings lines in your price range.

When you browse the furniture store showroom, however, finding pieces that are similar in cost isn’t always easy, as furniture displays are not typically arranged by price.

Asking the salesperson is a much easier way to check out all of the options that fit within your budget. If you don’t ask for assistance, you might miss out on a piece that better suits your home décor needs.

No. 4: When Can You Expect Delivery?

Even if you have shopped at the same furniture store previously, make sure to ask about delivery. Don’t make any assumptions, as the showroom’s delivery policies may have changed.

Ask for details on exactly when you can expect your home furnishings to be delivered. Finally, don’t forget to inquire about delivery charges.

No. 5: Is the Furniture Guaranteed?

High-quality home furnishings are designed and built to last, which is why most pieces come with a guarantee.

Ask your furniture store salesperson about the guarantees provided before making a purchase. As a general rule of thumb, the better the furniture quality, the longer the period of warranty you should expect.

The friendly and knowledgeable professional design staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings welcomes all of your home furnishings questions. For personalized assistance with your home decor, visit our Salt Lake City, Utah, furniture store and showroom today.

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