6 Reasons Interior Designers Love Area Rugs

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For interior designers, a room without an area rug can feel incomplete.

Rugs are one of the building blocks that decorating professionals rely on for creating balance, proportion and flow in a room design. Few decorative accessories offer the same level of versatility and style value as the perfect area rug. Here’s why designers love using rugs.

Designers Love Area Rugs

No. 1: Area Rugs Inspire Home Décor

Rugs can act as artwork, giving interior designers a dose of style inspiration. An interesting rug can be the starting point for a room design – the colors and patterns can be repeated in the home furnishings and decorative accessories to provide a cultivated and harmonized look.

No. 2: Area Rugs Enhance Home Décor

For rooms that already have a focal point, professional interior designers often use an area rug to strengthen the color scheme of the home décor. A rug can add a boost of color to bring life to the space, create an eye-catching contrast or simply serve as the perfect complement to the other home furnishings.

No. 3: Area Rugs Anchor Furniture

In living rooms, family rooms and dining rooms, an area rug can provide visual weight and help make the space feel more connected. Interior designers use rugs to anchor home furnishings and bring the furniture arrangement together. When a rug is placed under the furniture or the furniture is grouped around the edge a rug, the room appears cohesive.

No. 4: Area Rugs Hide Imperfections

Professional designers know that not every home has flawless wood floors and impeccable carpet. Unsightly imperfections and stubborn stains can easily be covered with an area rug. Significantly damaged flooring should be fixed, of course, but a rug can be the perfect solution to hide a small defect.

No. 5: Area Rugs Boost Warmth and Comfort

Practically speaking, rugs are often needed for added warmth – hardwood, ceramic tile and laminate floors tend to get rather cold. And, those surfaces aren’t exactly cushy to walk on. Professional interior designers place rugs throughout the home to make the living spaces more comfortable.

No. 6: Area Rugs Absorb Sound

Some rooms, particularly those that are large or have high ceilings, can seem to have an echo. Home furnishings, window treatments and decorative accessories absorb some of the sound. What really helps to buffer noise, however, is an area rug accompanied by a thick rug pad.

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