Three Home Furnishings That Are Worth a Splurge

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With some home furnishings, shopping for discount prices may make sense. But, for other furniture and accessories, investing a bit more will pay off in the long term.

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How can you determine when you should make an investment and when it’s okay to take a lesser quality route? Any focal point pieces are definitely worthy of the investment, as are those pieces that endure the most use.

Focal Point Home Furnishings Are Valuable Investments

Professional interior designers tell us that every room in your home should have its own focal point. To create a professional look and feel in your space, plan the room’s interior design around this point of interest.

The focal point is what first catches the eye of anyone entering the room. In the living room or great room, it could be a “statement piece” decorative accessory on the fireplace mantle, a stately leather sectional, a large oil painting or an artistic mirror grouping, for example. In the master bedroom, it could be your bed’s headboard or a distinctive chaise lounge. In the entry foyer, it could be a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture.

A Well-Made Sofa is a Practical Home Furnishing Investment

Interior designers agree that one piece you should make an investment in is a well-made sofa.

With the right care, a high-quality sofa can last for decades and still retain its sharp, fresh look. If you opt for a classic design, it will provide a comfortable and neutral backdrop around which you can retool the space multiple times.

If you invest in a custom sofa or sectional in your choice of fabric, color, pattern and style, the piece can double as a focal point for your living room or den.

A Comfortable Bed and Mattress Is a Necessary Investment

If you’re like most adults, you spend between seven and nine hours in bed every day. A comfortable bed will make the difference between a restful sleep and a night spent tossing and turning.

Better sleep helps improve your focus and performance during the day, and that makes a high-quality mattress a worthwhile – even necessary – investment. Whether you prefer a memory foam, innerspring or latex mattress, quality and comfort should be your primary considerations.

However, even the best mattress may not deliver restful sleep if it sits in a less-than-sturdy or unattractive bed frame. Invest in a solid, well-made bed frame that suits your interior design style for a worthy sleeping space.

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