Sam Moore: Bringing Rooms Together One Chaise and Settee at a Time

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Few pieces of furniture can pull a room together like a beautifully designed chaise lounge or settee.  Like magic, these furnishings can instantly make your throw rug, coffee table and accessories come together as if they were destined to occupy the same space. If style and sophistication are a part of your home aesthetic, Sam Moore has the fine furnishings you need to make your living room, library or home office come to life.

Each chaise and settee is impeccably designed. A small furniture store by design, everyone from the upholsterers to the button makers takes pride in crafting a work of art worthy of the company name. This care and attention results in superior custom furniture that even the most discriminating of consumers would be proud to have in their home.

A well-placed chaise lounge can add charm and elegance to an otherwise ordinary room. The Sam Moore Cosette chaise is ideal for just about any room in your home. About 5 feet long with -6B nailhead trim all around, this chaise is sure to become a focal point of any room, or a favorite resting place for waiting visitors.


Some people don’t like settees with arms. Should you find yourself among this group, there are two Sam Moore settees that are made just for you. Known as the Arden and Alton designs, these armless settees can accommodate those who prefer a more traditional look or someone who wants a more modern look.  The traditionally designed Arden has a deluxe seat cushion and includes welt trim, a kidney pillow and standard 19-inch throw pillows. You can also get the matching ottoman for an additional price. In contrast, the modern Alton is ideal for any office space or bedroom. Its lush deluxe seat cushions and three 23-inch pillows also make it a great place to relax after a long day at work.

Many Sam Moore settees come with blendown reversible seat cushions, perfect for maintaining the plushness that makes them so comfortable and alluring. Designs like the Kudrow settee, ideal for any living room or den, even include patterned 16-inch throw pillows expertly chosen to compliment your furnishing.  This settee is also available in leather; both fabric options are finished with brass nailhead trim along the arm stump handles creating an antique-like appeal.

If you’re looking for something with a more streamlined appearance, the Nadia features welt trim and sleek lines. It also comes with 18-inch throw pillows and is also available in leather. With over 700 fabric design options available, you can easily find the one that best accentuates your design palette and the room or your choice. This settee is also lightweight so it’s great for those days when you want to change things up with a bit of feng shui.

Couches may be fine and dandy for some people, but not you. You want the style and versatility of a chaise or settee. With a nearly endless selection of fabrics, finishes and nail choices who better than Sam Moore to help you create that unifying masterpiece that all your friends will be talking about?