Business Office Furnishings Trends for Professional Services

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Business Office Furnishings

Trends in business office furnishings aren’t a high priority in the professional services industries.

Attorneys, accountants, architects and medical practitioners tend to stay on the conservative side of business furniture and décor, to preserve the aura of professionalism that their industries require.

Fortunately, taking a traditional approach to your business’s image doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some of today’s most important trends in office furnishings.

A Reboot for the Image of Professional Business Furnishings

If you haven’t redecorated your offices or facilities in a while, you many not have noticed the recent shift in business office furnishings.

Today’s professional office furniture is designed to look and feel more like home furnishings, in terms of style, comfort and customization. The significant difference in construction is that office furnishings are designed to be highly durable and long lasting, since they endure much more use.

So, rather than choosing from one or two manufacturers, all of whose products looked essentially the same, you can now select from a wide variety high-end office furnishings lines that will bring your professional image into the 21st century.

One important detail of note: today’s fine office furnishings are loaded with ports for charging and powering computers and devices. Gone are the days of unsightly tangles of cords everywhere (long overdue, truth be told!).

Improved Flow with Business Furnishings Design and Space Planning

Today’s professional practice must do more than ever before, with fewer resources. Otherwise, it’s impossible to carve out a share of our volatile market.

Today’s professional office furnishings are designed to improve productivity and processes. Flexible designs and office layouts improve the flow of work but also help to energize your staff and keep them moving throughout the day.

For many employees, an adjustable workstation makes a world of difference. Rather than take a coffee break when the post-lunch sluggishness hits, staff members can adjust to a standing position to get the blood flowing again.

Today’s Business Office Furnishings Incorporate Natural Elements

Bringing nature into the workplace is one of the most effective ways to improve morale and engagement, but it’s also an important part of today’s professional image.

To the extent that you can, let the natural light and air into your office. Add live plants and interiorscapes too, and carry these trends through to your furniture.

Choose commercial furniture that features wood, leather and other natural fibers. Select subtle tone-on-tone floral fabrics. Break down the soul-sucking cubicle walls to create flexible spaces that encourage collaboration.

And finally, the big trend you can expect to see much more of is adding fireplaces and fountains in the front office or lobby. As much time as you spend at your office, you will benefit as much as your staff by making even a few of these helpful modifications.

Utah’s Guild Hall, conveniently located in Salt Lake City, is Northern Utah’s premier provider of commercial furnishings and accessories. Our staff of professional interior designers can help you select and customize your furniture and assist you with space planning and layout.

Contact us today for a private consultation. We look forward to helping you with all of your professional and business office furnishings needs.