Fine Furnishings for Utah Apartment Dwellers

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Fine Apartment Furnishings

Today, small spaces and fine furnishings can work together to create a larger-than-life interior space.

In northern Utah, apartment dwellers and townhome denizens are discovering a new trend in upscale furniture and accessories this year: scaled-down size. Don’t let their size fool you, however.

Whatever these pieces may lack in size, they make up for in style and functionality.

Use Scale to Maximize Your Space

As our society gravitates back toward the city, must we trade comfort for convenience?

If you know how to maximize a small space, you don’t have to sacrifice one bit. In fact, you can fool the eye into thinking you have all the space in the world with a few simple tricks.

Fashion designers leverage horizontal stripes to draw the eye upward, creating a long, lean look on the catwalk. You can do the same thing in your apartment or condo. Look for furnishings that are scaled vertically, rather than horizontally.

For example, you can comfortably accommodate two slipper or occasional chairs (sans arms) without creating the crowded look and feel that club or wingback chairs would. Choose a taller, less deep sideboard or credenza. You’ll have as much (or more) storage area while taking up fewer square feet of floor area.

Finally, take it easy on the textiles. Deep pile rugs, heavy window curtains and a plethora of toss pillows will suck up the air space in a small room, making it feel overwhelming.

Instead use blinds or structured shades on the windows. Stick to solid surface floors in a small space, whenever possible. And, for heaven’s sake, let your fine furnishings speak for themselves, rather than drowning them out with heavy pillows and throws.

With Fine Furniture, the Secret’s In the Arrangement

When decorating a small space of any kind, start by identifying a few pieces of fine furniture that you love. From this base, you can build the rest of the room – carefully!

Before you commit fully to those pieces, make sure they fit the way you envision them.

You’ve no doubt heard the old axiom, “measure twice, cut once.” Put that philosophy to work here. Spend more time planning the arrangement of your space than you do on its execution.

If space planning is not your strong suit, enlist the help of a professional. An interior designer can see possibilities that most of us overlook, especially when it comes to maximizing a small space.

Multitaskers and High Quality are Your Best Friends

To get the most from a small space, your furnishings must do double duty. Shelving units, entertainment centers and movable chests can provide critical storage but also serve as a way to divide rooms or define space.

When you select fine furnishings for this purpose, you’ll have the benefit of durability and quality, as well as style. This is especially important for pieces that can be moved to serve alternative purposes.

In a small space, every piece of furniture is used every day. Unless you make the investment in high-quality pieces, expect to be replacing things every few months.

At Guild Hall, we carry a full line of high-quality furniture and accessories, curated to serve our customers’ needs. Whether you need a single sofa or furniture for the entire household, we have the styles and options you seek.

Stop in and see us today, and talk with our professional interior design staff. We look forward to helping you select the perfect accessories and fine furnishings for your space.