Is Custom Furniture the Answer to Your Interior Design Dilemmas?

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Custom Furniture

Have you considered custom furniture options for your home or office? If you have an interior design or furniture layout problem you can’t seem to solve, this may be the answer to your prayers.

Many customers tell us they’ve never considered custom furnishings because they aren’t truly familiar with the concept, or that they’re intimidated by the idea. To some, the thought of custom pieces conjures an image of a wizen craftsman, sitting in his mountaintop cabin with a stump and a chisel. Others assume a months-long process that carries an exorbitant price tag.

Today, customized furnishings are affordable and accessible for everyone.

Custom Furnishings Allow You to Control the Space

Recently, a customer described her ongoing battle with one corner of the family room, and her seemingly endless quest to find the perfect sectional.

This corner was a few inches short – on either side – of standard sectional dimensions. Because this space would be used often by her family (and their pets), a durable leather upholstery was the only workable option. And of course, the piece must be comfortable and designed to fit with the rest of the room’s décor.

The customer had thus far tried five different off-the-shelf sectional products, not one of which met all her needs.

In just a few minutes, we were able to put together the perfect piece, sized to fit the space, and meet all of the customer’s design requirements. A few weeks later, once the sectional was delivered and installed, our customer had conquered her family room dilemma for good.

The Happy Medium of Semi-Custom Furnishings

At Utah’s Guild Hall, we have identified a variety of high-quality furniture vendors and manufacturers that offer customized versions of their standard offerings. Instead of starting from scratch, the manufacturer simply modifies the components they already offer, to fit your exact needs.

The result is quick turnaround at only a small premium above standard pricing.

Although the semi-custom option has been used for decades in commercial and office furnishings, many customers don’t realize that they can take advantage of this option for their homes as well.

How Can Custom Furniture Work for You?

The dining room is arguably the most popular location for customized pieces. If a standard table is even an inch or two too large or small, the entire scale and comfort of the room is compromised.

Television and entertainment storage is another troublesome topic. No individual or family has the same combination of devices, and trying to shoehorn your TV, sound system, gaming equipment and accessories into a standard entertainment center or armoire never works out just right.

With a customized piece, you can specify the exact dimensions you require, select the finish and even decide on shelf heights and door options.

In Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Fine Furnishings is your go-to expert for custom and semi-custom furnishings. All of our product lines are of the highest quality and design standards. Our professional interior design staff can guide you through the process, to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Visit our beautiful showroom today, and let us show you how custom furniture can solve all of your design dilemmas!