Office Furniture Trends for 2016

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2016 Office Furniture Trends

You may not think business office furniture changes much from year to year, but 2016 is shaping up to be a myth-buster in terms of style and functionality.

Commercial furnishings designers have opened up a new world of possibilities, and we think you’re going to love some of their emerging ideas.

Here are some of the hottest trends you’re sure to see in 2016.

Furniture That Brings Teams Together

A major focus in today’s business office is the push to create collaborative work environments.

Employers want to instill a strong sense of teamwork and value co-creation in their employees, so long gone are the days of the cubicle. This year, you will see an explosion of multipurpose spaces, where work team can have impromptu meetings, then return to their individual pursuits.

Couches are in, cubicles are out.

Community tables are also a hot trend, creating workstations for many employees at once, rather than traditional desks that provide workstations for just one person. This helps to encourage interaction and is something you will only see more of, in the office and out, in the years to come.

Stand Up and Be Counted

Standing desks are another hot trend for 2016.

Now that we realize the impact that sitting all day has on our health, the standing desk is emerging as a great alternative to the traditional arrangement. Often, these desks offer adjustable heights, so staffers can lower it so sit a bit, if they need a break.

Some models even offer the option of adding a treadmill, so you can stay on the move while you work!

With companies investing more in the wellness of their employees, the standing desk is making a stand, and it is here to stay.

Flexibility Is Foremost

More and more, offices are moving toward the ability to create spaces and office layouts that are transitional. This is where modular furniture comes in.

These pieces allow each element to fit together in a variety of ways and setups, and they are going to be a big item in the office of the future. Work teams can quickly and easily reconfigure a space to hold meetings or host a brainstorming session.

And, with the growing concept of communal desks and workspace, modular furnishings can provide each employee with their own movable storage components, where they can keep their work tools and personal belongings, without being tied to a desk.

Technological Advantages

Desks and technology have finally been brought together seamlessly.

In 2016, you will see desks and conference tables that come already equipped with their own USB ports, charging ports, power outlets and Ethernet cables. This offers workers the ability to efficiently plug everything they need into their workspace.

Technology is constantly changing, and these desks provide an easy solution to technological needs in an office environment. Plus, they have a sophisticated look that will fit seamlessly into any type of office environment.

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