Decorating Your Open Floor Plan

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Open Floor Plan Decor

Faced for the first time with decorating your open floor plan, you may find yourself stuck. Open plans are what everyone wants today, and for good reason. The spacious feel and flexible nature of an open-concept floor plan are contemporary and fresh. Without defined spaces, however, you may struggle with how to establish boundaries and character for each portion of the room. When the sky’s the limit, it’s easy for a DIY home decorator to develop a bad case of “analysis paralysis.” Read on for some professional designer tips for tackling this open-air challenge.

Balancing Flow between Areas

Your open concept plan likely encompasses at least your kitchen area, breakfast bar, dining table and sitting area. You may have a separate entertainment or media area or a game table as well. However many spaces your plan incorporates, focus on the flow while still preserving the unique identity and function of each room. This is especially challenging when trying to decorate in the living and dining room. Coordinating furnishings, fixtures and accessories are great tools to use for distinguishing one room from another while maintaining flow. Couches can be used to separate the dining room from the living room without interrupting the open floor design. The dining room can stand out with a chandelier on the ceiling. These placements are designed to catch the eye and clearly define where one room ends and another begins.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

In addition to the placement of furniture and accessories, the color scheme chosen to decorate an open floor plan helps with the continuity of the space, but also allows for individualized touches in each room. As a general rule, it is best to have one base color throughout the entire space to promote fluidity between rooms. To accentuate each room, give each area its own pop color. These splashes of color can be tied in to wall art, toss pillows, furniture, décor or rugs. Playing with these concepts can be fun to experiment with while decorating, and let you freshen up the room with the changing of the seasons.

Arranging Furniture Most Effectively

Designers agree that effective furniture arrangement is the key to working with an open layout. While arranging furniture against walls may seem like a great way to maximize space, the opposite is true. Furniture pushed toward the walls tends to box in space, creating an atmosphere more like a boxing ring than a comfortable home. Try to balance furniture elements throughout the room rather than all on one side. Weighting one side even just a little creates clutter and chaos and an unbalanced room.

Open floor plans will continue to be a staple in household design for years to come. While the space may seem overwhelming to decorate, the experts at Guild Hall Fine Furnishings in Salt Lake City know all the tricks. Their friendly staff of interior design professionals can help you select the perfect furniture, lighting and accessories for decorating your open floor plan.