Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

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Reading Nook Design

Creating a reading nook in your home is a fun project that the entire family can enjoy. Today, homeowners seek ways to improve the livability of their home and take advantage of previously wasted space. A small, comfy area set aside for reading, napping and relaxing provides the perfect place to get away from it all without ever leaving home. Don’t be surprised if you find your family members fighting over who gets the privilege of spending time in your new cozy corner.

Nook-Friendly Home Spaces

Interestingly, the nook craze began when model home designers needed a way to stage an odd corner or otherwise unusable space. In your home, the ideal spot to create your nook might be the most awkward corner in your home. Also consider the attic, a bay window, stair landing or the space under the stairs, all of which have great potential for this purpose. Small spaces can create the perfect alcove, allowing readers to get lost in their books. Outdoor reading areas are also popular, and ideal for taking advantage of northern Utah’s perfect summer climate. Create your nook wherever you feel most relaxed and inspired to read in or around your house. The nook works best when it serves the solitary function of reading, so avoid high-traffic areas and those within reach of a TV.

Furnishing and Lighting Your Reading Alcove

The anchor to any cozy reading space simply must be some version of the world’s most comfortable chair. Whether you prefer a recliner, captain’s chair and ottoman, a classic Hollywood-style chaise or even a beanbag, let comfort be your guide. Other furnishings to add, provided you have the space, might include a small bookcase and side table on which to rest your tea. When creating a nook, it is best to incorporate both natural and artificial lighting, if possible.

Natural light should be introduced subtly, and its harshness should be limited to create the most comfortable reading experience. Window treatments are often sufficient solutions to combat this problem. For artificial lighting, small lamps and wall sconces are intimate lighting touches that won’t overwhelm the cozy space. Artificial lights with adjustable settings are even better to allow for different levels of lights to suit your mood and taste.

Decorative Touches

You have your chair, your lighting and your bookshelf, and now it’s time for the finishing touches. Depending on the size of the nook, you might add a screen or room divider to shut out the world, or gauzy drapes to soften the space. Some readers like having candles or other atmospheric décor items, but the purists in the crowd may prefer decorating with literary-themed accessories.

Reading nooks are possible in almost any home, thanks to their minimal space requirements and flexible nature. While reading can be done anywhere, it’s indulgent and special to have a designated space for relaxing and reading in your home. The design experts at Guild Hall Fine Furnishings in Salt Lake City would love to help you with this design. Choose from their extensive line of fine furnishings, lighting and accessories and allow their professional design staff to help you create a reading nook in your home.