Sectional Furniture Returns

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Sectional Furniture

Sectional furniture was truly a hallmark of mid-1980s interior design, but disappeared as more formal, downscaled pieces came into favor. Those who remember that era still lament the loss of comfort when sectionals went away. The good news is that these versatile kings of relaxation are back in a big way. The sectional furniture of the new millennium is not your parents’ pleather, however. Instead, today’s updated styles offer elegance and flexibility of scale that can work for any décor.

The Modern Sectional Silhouette

In the ’80s, sofas were overstuffed with rolled arms, nubby synthetic upholstery and self-skirting to cover the legs. Often, parts would recline and it wasn’t unusual for the arms to pop open, revealing dad’s reading glasses and TV guide. Today’s versions are sleek and streamlined, although just as comfortable. Legs are exposed for a cleaner look that opens up the room. Fabrics are tightly woven and durable, in bark cloth and wool. Perhaps the best part about this resurgence is that sectional sofas are available for even the most limited spaces today.

Get the Color that Works

The sectional of old was often featured in dark tones of blue, burgundy or even green. If that image makes you cringe a little, you will be relieved to know that today’s version is light, modern and neutral. Designers favor shades of fawn, gray and sage. These new neutrals work with virtually any design style. In fact, they serve as the perfect neutral canvas upon which you can build your color palette. Add cinnamon- or cranberry-hued throw pillows and accessories for a modern aesthetic. Leather versions are also popping up in model homes and high-end boutique vignettes. In rich shades of butter and caramel, these pieces look so good you’ll want to gobble them up yourself.

Don’t Forget the Flexible Seating Piece

If the size and configuration of your space will allow, be sure to add the “wow factor” piece that has put today’s sectional sofa styles in demand. Many designers gravitate toward the chaise component, situated on one end of the piece. Be prepared, however, to fight for what will inevitably be the most popular seat in the house. Otherwise, opt for the armless, backless square. This most flexible of team members can serve as a game table, ottoman or, when situated properly, can create an impromptu chaise or cuddle corner that anyone can enjoy.

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