Use Statement Lighting to Update Your Space

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Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is a term you may have read in design blogs and magazines, but have never considered for your own home or office. Long overlooked as a powerful design element, light fixtures are much like the icing on the cake, adding the finishing touch and making everything else look better. Here are some suggestions for adding dramatic flair to your space from above. Just remember, hang on to whatever fixtures you replace with your new treasures, as you’ll surely want to take your statement pieces with you when you sell the house.

Dramatic Lighting Selections for Living and Dining Areas

Designers today have gone crazy for statement fixtures in living areas, foyers and dining rooms. Eye-catching designs add drama to the living area and fill a much-needed gap in the typically barren center of the room, especially when dropped low. Add a low table underneath if you fear guests may hit their heads. In the entryway, multiples are the thing. Mix complementary shapes and colors and vary the height to create the maximum impact. In the dining room, think outside the box and hang your statement lighting in a corner rather than over the table. If you do want to add a touch of the dramatic over the table, designers suggest that the fixture size should not exceed two-thirds of the table’s diameter.

A Dramatic Touch for the Master Suite

Although light fixtures that steal the focus are generally associated with the living areas of your home, they’ve made their way into the mainstream of master suite design as well. Unfortunately, black crystal chandeliers have almost become cliché in the master, so go for something a bit more unique. Large drum fixtures offer a more contemporary feel in the master. When hung close to the ceiling (experts recommend a 6-inch drop unless your ceilings are extra high), a drum fixture in a darker tone provides excellent lighting as well as high style. Attach the fixture to a dimmer to avoid glare.

Make an Unexpected Statement

This year, designers have begun using statement pieces to light the kitchen island. The demure pendants of the past have been replaced with the flair of fixtures that grab center stage. In many ways, the kitchen is more forgiving than other parts of the home, so you have greater flexibility to select something you love without worrying if it matches the furnishings and secondary lighting fixtures. Group several large orb pendants in the stairwell for a hip, uptown loft vibe. Both master bath and master closet are also perfect for an unexpected injection of the dramatic. No matter what you select, just be sure it provides amazing lighting as well as style.

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