Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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small and simple living roomWhen it comes to interior design ideas, less is often more, especially now. That’s why small spaces can be some of the most delightful. The trend toward downsizing in the United States has led interior designers to address decorating conundrums previously seen infrequently outside of the oldest and most compact American cities such as New York and Chicago. If you’re struggling with a design and layout for a small space, don’t panic. By following just a few simple guidelines, you’ll be able to transform that space into your own private retreat.

Make the Most of Architectural Elements

It might be challenging, but first try to envision the room empty, or at least pared down. If the space is already empty, that makes it easier. What are the architectural elements of the room? Is there a fireplace or window that could become a focal point? On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps a heating unit or other utilitarian element will need to be disguised or minimized. Start by factoring these features into your design. Emphasize good architectural elements, and avoid drawing focus toward the less desirable ones.

Draw the Eye Up to Utilize the Vertical Space

By thinking up rather than out, you can take advantage of a whole new level of useable space. For example, a pair of extra-tall bookshelves on either side of a window can create an elegant frame. Next, add a window seat below, with cushions in rich, muted tones and gauzy draperies to let in the light. Voila! You’ve just added a wall of storage and seating without taking up valuable floor space. And as long as you’re looking up, why not add a loft or high shelving to really get the most out of every inch of your home?

Functional Furniture Does Double Duty

Multi-functional furniture like the Murphy bed and the fold-down desk have come back and are very much in style. Drawers, shelves or cubes can be tucked under the stairs for even more strategic storage. Instead of a bulky sofa, you may want to try a more compact love seat or futon. Even a pair of velvety upholstered club chairs on either side of a slim nesting table can offer just the right scale and actually make the space look larger. If you want to create zones, open-backed shelving on casters will create a moveable room partition that won’t close off the view.

Use a Simple Palette and Expansive Accessories

Whether you prefer a range of neutral tones or a vibrant splash of color, remember to keep the palette and patterns simple for a small space. Start with your favorite fabric or vase, and build a palette around it. Wall-mounted lighting may add a whimsical pop of color while at the same time staying up and out of the way. Mirrors can work wonders by doubling the light and making the space feel larger. Gravitate toward smaller patterns in textiles, rugs and wallcoverings, another trick to make the space appear larger.

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