Designing in the Arts and Crafts Style

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Arts & Crafts Interior Design

At more than a century old, the arts and crafts design style has perhaps never been more popular than it is now, and for good reason. Today more than ever, people want their homes to provide a calming space where they can relax and recharge, and no style is more in keeping with this goal than the arts and crafts style. With its emphasis on natural materials and clean lines, this design ethos creates a warm, peaceful and uncluttered environment. It’s similar to mission style, but is especially well suited to our Western sensibilities. Here are a few ways to embrace the arts and crafts aesthetic in your own home.

Choose Colors and Textures from Nature

The traditional arts and crafts palette draws its organic beauty from natural elements like leaves, stones, bark and foliage. Choose hues that capture and reflect the colors of the landscape that surrounds your home and neighborhood. These warm, muted shades will complement each other as they do in nature, bringing a soothing, grounded feeling to your room design. Leather, cotton or linen upholstery also offers a wonderful range of fabrics and textures that are in keeping with this look.

Functional Furnishings with Handcrafted Details

Unlike the ornate Victorian furnishings that preceded the arts and crafts movement, this style is known for its clean lines and finely crafted details. Sturdy, comfortable furniture that allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through is a signature element. Cozy built-in window seats, floor-to-ceiling bookcases, breakfast nooks and other utilitarian features are on point in today’s open-concept homes, bringing a feeling of intimacy to large spaces.

The Finishing Touch: It’s About Those Accessories

The arts and crafts style largely eschews fuss and clutter. Consequently, you can convey personality and style in your choice of lighting. Two icons of this style are the Tiffany lamp and mica glass shades. With their soft colors, hammered metals and oil-rubbed patinas, they cast a glow that illuminates the warmth of the woodwork quite beautifully. Accents in warm bronze, brass or copper tones, especially those with clean lines and simple geometric forms, enhance the rich feel of simplicity. And last but not least, stained and leaded glass windows are the jewels of this iconic look. Even a small window from an antique store or salvage shop can be showcased in an entryway, or as a room divider.

At Guild Hall Fine Furniture, the professional design team can help you perfect your own design style, whatever it may be. In Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities, let Guild Hall assist you by recommending the furniture and accessories that capture the arts and crafts style in your home or business.