Designing the Perfect Baby Nursery

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Baby Nursery

With a new baby on the way, designing the perfect baby nursery can be stressful and confusing. You want this special space to be just right but you have lots of distraction and stress going on in your life. With a little planning and some helpful professional advice however, nursery design may be easier and quicker than you think.

Where to Start with Nursery Design

Your baby’s crib will be the focal part of the room and the most important consideration you will need to make. Federal standards dictate minimum crib size, with interior dimensions of approximately 29” x 53”. The design style you select will influence the exterior dimensions as well. A simple straight-sided crib won’t be much larger than that, whereas an elaborate sleigh crib can be well over 35” x 65”. Identify a design theme for the room, then determine where you’d like the crib. Once you’re over that hurdle, the rest will fall into place. Take care not to place the crib too near a window or under an air vent, to avoid temperature extremes.

Selecting Nursery Furniture and Accessories

Besides the crib, you probably want a changing table, dresser and as much storage and organization space as possible. Experts recommend setting up the room with specific zones or stations. The crib is of course the heart of the sleeping zone. Plan your seating zone with a cozy overstuffed chair or rocker for feeding time, and be sure to include a sanitation station setup in the changing zone. Planning these areas carefully will save you time (and a bit of sleep) down the road. Finally, don’t forget the play zone. Consider a beautiful plush rug for this area, as well as some storage options that will put engaging toys and objects at eye level with your growing baby.

Hot Nursery Color Schemes

Whether you’re designing a gender-neutral nursery or are simply bored with basic blue or pink, designers recommend using a fun and contemporary color scheme in the nursery. Popular this year are autumn orange, grey, lavender, and even gold. Many parents choose all white designs, then add personalized touches of color after the baby arrives. Depending on your décor preference, your nursery can be rustic, glam, modern, traditional or an eclectic mix of styles. This room offers more flexibility than other areas of the house because it need not match existing space. And since you will likely redo the room once your child switches to a toddler bed, you don’t have to live with strong colors or choices for long. Have fun with it.

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